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FIJI 2023

Estimate Historical Cost: $3,900
Anticipated Dates:
Fiji June: June 10 – June 24
Fiji July: July 8 – July 22



Fiji is known for its beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, and rich cultural traditions. However, in recent years, Fiji has experienced the devastating effects of climate change. In 2016, the northeast corner of Viti Levu was severely hit by Cyclone Winston, damaging homes, roads, crops, and coral reefs. Youthlinc now works in the small village of Narikoso located in Mataso District in the Province of Ra (about 1 hour from Rakiraki, Fiji). This village was directly hit by Cyclone Winston and is still recovering years later. There are approximately 180 villagers who are primarily subsistence farmers growing bananas, pineapple, passion fruit, papaya, corn, cucumber, beans, and root crops.

One of our main projects is to build bathrooms onto existing homes to improve sanitation. Currently, 3-4 families share a bathroom facility with a toilet and shower. Last year, the Youthlinc team funded 8 bathrooms and we will continue to build more bathrooms every year. We couldn’t have the impact we do without the guidance of our In-Country Coordinators, Shahana Didar from the Rotary Club of Suva Peninsula Sunset and Pastor Tomasi Tokalauvere, who have been instrumental in coordinating everything from transportation to construction materials. But don’t worry, we don’t only work hard, we take time to play by visiting Voli Voil beach and snorkeling on Nanauira Island.

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In-country Coordinator

Tomasi Tokalauvere

Tomasi was a Pastor for a Church in Fiji when he lost is first Wife to cancer. They have 2 daughters together. He then Moved to New Zealand where is was a Pastor for 6 Years and served the Maori community. He came back to Fiji and was serving at a Christian Camp. At the End of 2007 Thomasi met is current wife Sesarina. They got married in 2008. In 2009 they moved to the Province of Ra.

They had their first volunteer team from Capernwray, New Zealand. In 2011, they got involved with a charity from Australia called LOVE, GIVE, SHARE South Pacific, serving in the community and mostly rural schools of Fiji. In 2016 After Cyclone Winston, they coordinated the distribution of food and school materials to schools and community through LOVE, GIVE, SHARE.

In the Beginning of 2017 they started coordinating with Youthlinc, our first teams were greeted and cared for so well in 2018 that we decided we have to go back and send as many teams as we can.

They are also serving in a ministry called Island Encounter in Nadi.

Pastor Thomasi and Sesarina are wonderful coordinators and great cooks, graciously provide dinner every night at their own home. we are so luck to have found them and can’t wait for our partnership to continue to grow.

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