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Mission & Vision


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create lifetime humanitarians. 

Youthlinc invests in the service ethic of youth in order to foster individuals in our society who understand local and global needs, and who are deeply committed to work to relieve those needs through personal service, partnership, and good will.





- Student Leadership

We expect students to take leaderships roles in our Service Year, both locally and internationally. We honor student leadership through our Young Humanitarian Award, recognizing role models of youth service leadership. Our Service Year students take leadership roles in our Real Life peer mentoring program to provide a life skills curriculum that benefits refugee and other under-served youth and our Youthlinc students.

- Hands On, Sustained Service

Service learning research shows us that when a person becomes a relied upon volunteer, with direct and meaningful contact with those in need, an emotional bond forms and a deep commitment to service develops.
Hands on service is central to our Service Year. Service sites included in our Local Service Directory must provide hands on service opportunities to youth.

- Mentoring

Adult professionals are critically needed mentors in our Service Year. They are role models of service and guides to developing the leadership skills of encouragement, delegation, cooperation, and focus on the common good.

- Project Based Learning

Though our formal educational system in the United States values memorization and testing of isolated information, the natural way for humans to learn is to employ interdisciplinary skills through projects.
Our Service Year emphasizes the planning of projects – locally and internationally.  Our Real Life curriculum includes life skills, health and hygiene, financial literacy, cultural exchange, English language practice and provides a perfect setting for project based learning.

- Cooperative Learning

When there is a meaningful project to accomplish, the most effective way to reach the goal is to work together. Our Service Year participants work together to accomplish projects locally, and in committees to complete the projects needed at the international site. These projects have been determined with the villagers who work with us to accomplish these goals at our international sites.




Our purpose is focused on creating lifetime humanitarians. Youthlinc is an organization focused on making lasting and sustainable changes. This means that change is effective and long lasting. Through intentional work and preparation, this is made possible. 

How does Youthlinc choose a new site?

In Country Coordinators

Youthlinc partners with local NGO’s and Rotary clubs in-country to ensure our work will benefit the overall community in a positive way.

Site Visit

Before Youthlinc sends a team to a country, we send a staff member to conduct an initial evaluation to ensure safety and and a positive, mutually beneficial partnership.

Country Evaluations

Each year, Youthlinc evaluates the current relationship with the village and In-Country Coordinator to ensure a positive partnership.

How does Youthlinc evaluate what projects to do?

In Country Coordinator and Village

Youthlinc relies on In-Country Coordinators and village leaders to identify the projects and educational lessons that would be most helpful.  They are the experts in their field and in their area. We rely on their expertise to best support their on-going projects to ensure all projects are managed correctly.

Education Focus

Youthinc works to make sure all projects are focused on teaching village members information and skills necessary to positively impact their quality of life, overseen by professionals in their fields, including doctors, nurses, business professionals, and teachers, etc.

Work alongside the Villagers

Youthlinc participants work alongside villagers to complete all projects so they invest their own time and labor.  Youthlinc fully funds all projects to be completed by local professional labor or other experts and our volunteers help as is appropriate to the task.

How does Youthlinc do no harm?

Education Focus

Youthinc works to make sure all projects are focused on teaching village members village members how to complete these projects successfully on their own.

Learn and Be Sensitive to Cultural Differences

Youthlinc  teaches participants to learn and value from different cultures. The teams will also be prepped to be culturally sensitive to differences before traveling abroad. We also go with the attitude of reciprocal learning. We know that we will gain as much value of the interactions we have as we are offering in return as guests in their communities.

Bringing Donations vs. Buying In-Country

Youthlinc works to support the local economy by buying supplies and materials in-country, rather than bringing our own materials whenever possible.  Chances are if the item isn’t available to purchase locally then it is not a sustainable choice.

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