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“Before Youthlinc, I was not extremely aware about how much my community needed help. It made me aware of what I could do to help my community, and motivated me to do so.”

Cassandra Aiken
2017 Peru Alum Leader & 2016 Guatemala Student

"I am grateful for Youthlinc and the opportunity that they have provided me and so many others to travel to other countries and to be completely immersed in a new culture. Most importantly I am grateful for what they have taught be about service. Youthlinc's mission is Creating Lifetime Humanitarians and they have made one out of me."

Brayden Davies
2018 Alum Leader, 2015 Cambodia Student & 2017 Cambodia Assistant Team Leader

"Being an adult mentor for Youthlinc really felt more like being the luckiest mom out there. Being a "mom" to 23 other kids was very sweet. I wished all their parents could have been there to see the selfless and wonderful moments of love. I know they'd be as proud as I was."

Kaysha Price
2017 Thailand Mentor