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Here you will be able to find all forms, knowledge, and help you may need for your projects!

Team Manuals


Team Manuals

Here you will find your team manual. These are updated for 2024! Click the country to which you're traveling to find out all the information you'll need!

Committee Resources


Committee Resources

Each committee has plenty of resources. Search here for any additional information you need to properly plan and execute your projects for your specified committee!





Community Health



Clothing Drive



Clothing Drive

Big Brothers Big Sisters Clothing Drive

U of U Health Clinic

University of Utah

Travel Clinic

Youthlinc Partners with the University of Utah to provided education and one-on-one consultations for all participants to review all recommended travel vaccines needed for your international Destination. The University of Utah Travel clinic will include online educational self-paced videos, one-on-one consultation, and then an opportunity to receive recommended vaccines. Please note that any vaccines or treatment received during your clinic visit are an additional cost and is NOT included in your Youthlinc Trip Cost. 


The University of Utah sets aside and schedules specific Youthlinc Appointment times available for our participants. Once available, participants have the opportunity to make their appointment for their one-on-one consultation and receive suggested vaccines. 

If you attend outside of a Youthlinc appointment time or with a different clinic your appointment and consultation fee will not be covered by your Youthlinc Trip cost. 

Travel Clinic Resources 

For Appointment details and Important Instructions Please carefully read the Welcome Packet

Country Reports

For Country Specific details and Vaccine recommendations please check your country report  


March: Youthlinc Staff and Leadership will send information regarding Travel Clinic Details

April: Register and Schedule Your Appointment

April- May: Attend Your Appointment


2024 Diverging Waivers are Closed

Diverging Itinerary

A limited number of participants may be approved for a diverging flight itinerary. To apply for approval, please read and fill out the form below. Deadline to apply is January 15. You will be informed of approval afterwards. Please do not book your own flight if you have not received approval.

Diveging Itinerary

Deadline: January 15th

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