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The Youthlinc Service Year is a unique opportunity designed to engage high school and college students in their local communities and communities abroad.Students are accepted into the Service Year program in the fall and placed onto a team of students and mentors from across Utah.

Each team works together throughout the year, meeting monthly, to prepare education, community health, vocational, business, and cultural exchange projects for a two week international trip the following summer. Youthlinc currently takes teams to eight different countries.

Once placed on a team, students commit to completing local service in their own community to prepare for their team’s international trip. The Service Year allows students to build leadership and interpersonal skills, and provides them with the tools to make meaningful relationships and change both locally and abroad. 


Each team has one Assistant Team Leader who is in charge of forms and local service.

Each team has 5-7 mentors who are adults. Mentors help lead committees and are there to keep the team safe.

Each team has one or two adult team leaders that are in charge of the team throughout the year and international trip.

Each team has around 5 alum leaders who have participated in the service year before. They help lead the committees. 

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Youthlinc has international and local service trips planned for this summer