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Sell the Youthlinc Food Passport

Do you want some additional support to help with your fundraising? Sell the Youthlinc Food Passport to your friends & family & receive a payment towards your trip cost.

Youthlinc has created the Youthlinc Food Passport as a fundraising opportunity for individuals within Youthlinc to support their trip cost.

How it works:

1- Use our resources below or create your own to spread the word to your community in the greater Salt Lake area about the Youthlinc Food Passport for $30. Post on social media, send a text or email or send out fliers.


2- Sell the Youthlinc Food Passport to your community online or direct folks to use the QR code. Be sure to tell them to indicate they are supporting you. 


3- Once you have sold a Food Passport, Youthlinc will mail this to the donor. You will a receive $28 payment from Youthlinc onto your fundraising page as Youthlinc takes the cost of production and mailing. 


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