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Youthlinc Food Passport

Help support a Youthlinc participant on their journey to become a lifetime humanitarian by purchasing the Youthlinc Food Passport

How it works:

1- You make a $30 donation for a Youthlinc Food Passport 

2- Youthlinc mails you your Food Passport

3- Your donation supports a Youthlinc participant's fundraising efforts on their journey to becoming a lifetime humanitarian.

4- Once you receive your Food Passport, enjoy discounts to 9 different international restaurants local to the greater Salt Lake area that will take you on your own journey around the world.

What's Included:

Youthlinc Food Passport.png

At over a $300 value, enjoy discounts from the following restaurants:

- Sara Thai

- Tickles (Greek/American)

- Pho Saigon Noodle House #2

- Afghan Kitchen

- Ganesh Indian Cuisine

- Kafé Mamai (Jamaican/Kenyan)

- Del Barrio Cafe (Mexican)

- Beirut Cafe (Lebanese)

- Red Corner China Diner

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