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Anticipated Trip Cost: $4,449
Anticipated Dates: June 22 – July 6, 2024

2024 Registration Closed



Leadership Development

  • 9-month leadership development program with integrated local service component

  • Youthlinc’s mission is to transform volunteers into lifetime humanitarians, which takes time and effort- we are not a “pay-and-go” program

  • Twenty five years of proven curriculum and data show that our program truly changes and improves our volunteers & communities abroad

  • Connect and build friendships with your team for 9 months prior to travel


  • Work with Insight Himalaya, a Nepali family-owned company, to make a lasting impact in rural villages

  • Work with Waves For Water on clean water projects

  • Projects relate to community health, business & vocational skills, ecological improvements, construction, cultural exchange, and education

What's Included?

  • We are a Utah-based program. Round-trip international airfare is included from Salt Lake City. Minors will never be asked to fly alone to another city to meet their team for the first time.

  • All meals, accommodation, transportation, & clean water

  • Excursions include visiting the famous world heritage sites throughout Kathmandu and a day trek Kathmandu valley 

  • Travel insurance, medical professional travels with team, 1:5 ratio of adults:student

The first Youthlinc trip to Nepal was in 2015 right after several earthquakes devastated the country. Nepal is spread over an extremely mountainous region which makes it susceptible to high levels of earthquake activity and intense rainfall every year. These conditions continually wash out their roads and weakens the structural integrity of many buildings each year. These circumstances heavily damage infrastructure and leave buildings (schools, homes, etc.) in disrepair. This has especially detrimental effects on small, rural communities who are expected to fund rebuilds and structural repairs year after year.

Our in-country coordinator is Binod Rai. Binod and his family run a trekking company in Nepal called Insight Himalaya. He is also on the Board for Waves For Water. He has a mind for logistics, is a lifetime humanitarian, and is ecstatic to be working with Youthlinc. We are lucky to have him!

Our team will be working in two small villages outside an area called Godawari, just 45 minutes southeast of Kathmandu. Youthlinc works in the villages of Khanigaon and Lele. Both communities have tremendous need and are excited to welcome the Youthlinc teams with open arms.

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