Due to COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the 2020 service year. For questions, please contact the Youthlinc office.

Service Year


Service Year Mentors


We need adults from a variety of professions and backgrounds to assist our student participants as they assume leadership roles on each team, learning to make a difference, and embarking on a lifetime of humanitarian service. We call these adults our Service Year Mentors.

We always need:

  • Medical Professionals (doctors, nurses, PAs, EMTs) are always needed on each team. Before applying, individuals from these fields should be familiar with our Policy regarding the role of a medical mentor
  • Individuals with backgrounds in education, business, banking, social work, or vocational training for each program.
  • A Rotarian to assist in projects funded through Rotary International for each program.
  • Anyone with other special skills! Please contact us at or 801-467-4417 and we can explore where we could best utilize your expertise!


We have specific expectations for all our mentors, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the role Youthlinc expects you to take on before applying. You can read about these expectations here.

You will help the support team for the Team leader, help supervise the students at monthly team meetings and while abroad, and will be heading up a committee.

Each mentor is assigned to one of our 5 committees (business, cultural, education, health, and vocational) to guide students as they take leadership roles in planning and executing committee work. The mentor is not responsible for doing everything, but rather delegating tasks, follow-up on assignments, and providing support along the way.


We are looking for individuals of high moral character who have interest in and/or experience mentoring young people, individuals who are flexible, work well in groups, and are good at communicating, organizing information, delegating tasks, and allowing other to develop their leadership potential.

Youthlinc Mentors must be positive, encouraging people, with a commitment to service. Our mentors are role models for our students, helping Youthlinc build a lifetime service ethic in young people. They must be a college graduate or 25+ years old.

Mentors must attend General Orientation on the second Saturday of November and must attend monthly planning meetings during the Service Year. Mentors finance their international service experience, but can fundraise or apply for financial aid through Youthlinc. Every mentor is required to complete a background check


I was a mentor on the Kenya 2013 trip.  It sounds cliche, but it truly was an experience of a lifetime and one I know will live within me forever.  The other mentors were amazing people, all with unique gifts to give.  The students surpassed expectations I had before our adventure.  They worked tirelessly and always with a smile and a positive attitude.  Their compassion was an incredible model for my young son who accompanied us.

Our team spoke often about service as belonging and never was it more true than with this group and with the communities that we visited.   One of the priests at the school said, “It only takes a minute to know someone, but you remember them for a lifetime.”  I feel blessed to have made this journey in the company of so many stellar individuals.


Alane Gaspari, Kenya Mentor, 2013