Project Summary: 2017 Peru


Peru June – 

The Peru Logan team returned to the community of Santa Isabel for the third and final year. They worked extremely hard to construct a new community library and filled it with books and a beautiful mural.

Peru July – 

The Peru Salt Lake City team opened a new site in the village of Pucallpa with a small population of 285 people. The July team built a 300 meter long cement walkway. These walkways will help prevent against flooding and erosion since the path children take to walk from the village to school floods every year. This flooding makes for a difficult and unsafe walk for children as snakes and other creatures like to hide in the mud and puddles that form In addition to the cement walkways the team renovated a library in the nearby jungle village of Palmeras.


Peru June – 

The overarching goals of the educational committee for the Peru June team was to help the children to learn English, prepare the team to have lesson plans and know how to teach, provide structured activities for the children to do, Mondo Art project with the children in the village, give each student an education kit, and help stock the new library full of books!

The lessons and activities at English Camp every day went off without a hitch! The children loved learning from the Youthlinc students in their interactive, visual, and fun lessons. Friendships were made and we all learned how to be flexible. The Mondo Art lessons are always a huge hit! Filling the library with books was also super successful and they were even able to install electricity via a generator with a computer and printer. The village enjoyed the books that were provided and the local Rotaract Club is providing even more books!

Peru July – 

The July team was able to accomplish all of their goals! They were able to have satisfactory classes for the English Camp every day, and it ran very smoothly. They were also able to collect donated supplies to stuff backpacks and give them to all the classes. The Mondo Art Project also went very well! What we always see during the English Camp is that strong bonds form with the kids and the Youthlinc students teaching the lessons.

Business Development:

Peru June –

The business development committee’s goals this June in Peru were to teach the 5 P’s of Marketing (Product, Price, Promotion, Profit, and Placement) and empower the adults and secondary school to start their own business and skills to do so.

During their time there, the Peru June team taught a 2.5 hour lecture to 25+ residents on the 5 P’s of Marketing. They held five, 2-2.5 hour lessons for the High School students and held a successful “sell day” where the High School students held a fake soap business and “sold” their product. They were judged on how well they utilized their knowledge of the 5 P’s. They were able to donate 10 calculators, 50+ notebooks and pens and over three dozen bars of soap and misc. office supplies to the village! The sell day was a huge success and the best part was seeing everything they taught come into play and watching the kids really show how much they understood and applied what they had taught them.

Peru July – 

This team had a unique experience with their business development committee. They had planned to distribute 8 loans to men within the community that were interested in the business seminars and receiving loans. They required every man receiving a loan to attend all of the classes and submit a business plan on the last day of class. The committee really enjoyed getting to know the men through this process!

Vocational Training:

Peru June – 

The goals of the vocational committee in June were to teach women in the village how to use foot-pedal sewing machines to sew hammocks, baby diapers, bags, etc. and to teach women how to cut hair and crochet.

They were able to accomplish all of their goals and had diapers and hair styling as a bonus! They were able to get all supplies and funding donated before the trip so they could take everything over. They were able to make deep and meaningful connections with the women they taught! The machines were up and running very smoothly and the women became very self-sufficient and taught each other throughout the process. Hammock sewing and crocheting were a huge hit!

Peru July – 

Their goal was to teach the women how to sew different types of clothing/objects. With that they hoped to help the women become as self-sufficient as they could be. Another goal was to bring sewing to the village because the majority of the women don’t know how to sew.

Throughout the trip, so many amazing things took place! They brought in 6 sewing machines for the women to use between themselves. They taught them how to use the machines, how to use with fabric, and made pillowcases, dresses, aprons, and drawstring bags. The women had surpassed our highest expectations by the end of the trip and the majority were better than us. The last day they set up a co-op with a president and treasurer to take care of the money. They discussed how to pay to rent time with the machines and they moved the machines to a different location where they can store them. The women learned really quickly and improved greatly and learned by example. The women started teaching each other and became very self-sufficient.

Cultural Exchange:

Peru June – 

  • Planned opening ceremonies which was a fun way to introduce each other’s cultures. They were able to teach them new dances like the cupid shuffle and share multiple songs with them.
  • Planned and oversaw the Fun Fair with stations such as: face painting, three legged racing, parachute games, polaroid photo booth, toy car decorating, and a race track for the toy cars. The fun fair was great because there was so much for everyone to do!
  • Ran the game station of English camp twice daily.
  • Oversaw cultural conversations for the team.
  • Closing ceremonies where the team and the community performed a song and dance together in Spanish!
  • The biggest hit was the family photos that were taken of each family at the fun fair – the family later got their polaroid photo to keep!

Peru July – 

Projects for the July team included: Opening and Closing Ceremonies, fun fair, cultural conversations, the mural, and leisure time games. The cultural committee’s goal is to ensure the team interacted with the people of Pucallpa and experience a little bit of their culture.

They were able to have successful opening and closing ceremonies, 6-8 home visits a day, interactions between Youthlinc participants and villagers, and an organized and successful fun fair. They were also able to paint 2 murals!

At the opening ceremonies they were able to hand out friendship bracelets to all the school children, which was a great way to thank them for letting Youthlinc into their village. They sang the national anthem and danced a couple of dances for the villagers. They took a polaroid camera to each home where they did home visits and took a photo of the family in front of their house and then gave them the photo. They loved it! The fun fair went extremely well! It was well organized and ran very smoothly. They had 5 stations: bubble/yo-yo’s, face painting/finger-painting, soccer, parachute, and tug-o-war. They also had the kids put paint on their hands and put their handprints on the wall as leaves on the tree of one of the murals. And finally, at closing ceremonies they sang “You Are My Sunshine” in English and Spanish as well as “You’ll Be In My Heart”.

Community Health: 

Peru June – 

This year, Peru June’s goals were to educate about dental hygiene, first aid, women’s health and basic hygiene. They were able to teach all of the high school students as well as women within the community at the community health fair. The community health fair was very successful and they were able to teach hygiene and give out family hygiene kits. They also taught basic first aid and gave out first aid kits. Everyone in the community received deworming medication. The village also received a backpack of other medications including Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Neosporin, anti-itch cream, thermometers, etc. The community health fair went very well and the villagers were extremely grateful for the deworming medicine, first aid and family hygiene kits!

Peru July – 

The overarching goals of the Peru July team included: eyeglasses, rainboots, deworming medications, hygiene kits, first aid kits, reusable pads, health fair for both men and women. They were able to accomplish all of their projects!

What went  well:

Eyeglasses – the majority of people got what they needed, they had great attendance and positive response and it was very well organized.

Deworming Medication – most people got what they needed and it was appropriately documented and organized by village leaders.

Joint Health Fair – the first aid lesson went so well because it was incredibly interactive, the overall attendance was great, the kids stayed and listened attentively, they had enough time to go over their desired topics to teach

Men’s Health Fair – everyone was very attentive, ran about 30-45 minutes, the attendance was great because they knew they would get sunglasses (which was a huge hit!)

Women’s Health Fair – their lessons that were planned and executed very well, the women were comfortable talking about everything, not having men around in this fair made the women more open, the reusable pads were great and very appreciated!

Reusable Pads – Days for Girls training was amazing and very helpful to the community.