Madi Sudweeks

Real Life Intern, Mill Creek Elementary School

“I am a Junior at the University of Utah double majoring in history and social work. I fell in love with Youthlinc and the Real Life Program last year. I was on the Cambodia team as a student and did my main service site hours at Real Life. Volunteering at Real Life opened my eyes to a new part of the community that I had never been exposed to.  It instilled in me a true love for service and my community.  After working as an intern for two years, I knew I had to come back! I cannot wait to be even more involved in the amazing program that exposes students to new experiences and really creates lifetime humanitarians. I studied in Spain for a semester in the Fall and fell in love with the Spanish language and culture. I love to use my Spanish language skills to help some of our students and see them grow.

Some of my hobbies include reading, running, and spending time outdoors.   I am so excited for this upcoming service year, and I cannot wait to help teens in our community experience for themselves what a great opportunity volunteering at Real Life is!”

Brooke Boyd

Real Life Intern, Sunnyvale

“I’m a grad student at the University of Utah in the Masters of Social Work program. I got my undergrad at Utah State University.

I first got involved with Youthlinc when I went to Guatemala in 2012. Since then I have served as an alum leader three times.  Twice to Peru and once to Cambodia. I was lucky enough to have my Mom (Shelly) and my Dad as my team leaders with every trip I went on.

I recently got married and we just got a puppy! When we have free time we love to get outside.  We enjoy camping or hammocking. My husband and I also enjoy playing pickleball.”

Ardyn Ford

Ardyn Ford

Real Life Intern, Hser Ner Moo & Highland High School

“I have been involved with Real Life for the past four years as a volunteer at the Hser Ner Moo Community Center. The relationships that I’ve developed and experiences that I’ve had there have been so fulfilling. I can’t wait to be back!

I am currently a student at the University of Utah and plan on studying global health and environmental science. Since I went to Nepal in 2015 with Youthlinc I have loved participating in community service and have also been involved with programming at Red Butte Gardens, the Salt Lake City Public Library, and a global health service group. I love to run and climb and hike, and I am part of the diving club team at the U. My experiences abroad have been some of the most trans formative in my life, so I hope to continue travelling and work internationally someday.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Real Life community again and can’t wait to see what this year holds!”

Conner Jorgensen

Real Life Intern, Granite Park Junior High School

“I am a sophomore at Salt Lake Community College pursuing a degree in marketing. I work as a realtor because I love interacting with people and helping them find their dream home. I’m also fluent in Spanish which helps me communicate more with people from other cultures!

“I was on the Thailand June 2018 team and on that trip fell in love with service. On top of that, I found a love for cultures. As part of my service hours in preparation for that trip, I chose to volunteer with Real Life. I built friendships that went way beyond the four hours a week I was there for. This helped me appreciate the struggle a lot of immigrants go through moving to a different country and opened my eyes to them. I loved it so much and the lessons I learned are priceless.

“In addition to service, I love being in nature, school, driving my moped and meeting new people.”

Brayden Davies

Brayden Davies

Real Life Intern, Olympus High 

“I am a Senior at the University of Utah and getting my undergrad in Marketing. I got involved with Real Life my senior year of high school. I volunteered at the Hser Ner Moo site and used it as my main service site for my first year of Youthlinc. I absolutely loved it and that is where I first realized the joy that I got in helping others! That summer I was on the 2015 Youthlinc Cambodia team as a student and have continued to be a part of Youthlinc since then. I went back to Cambodia in 2017 as an Assistant Team Leader, and to Peru in 2018 as an alum leader.

I absolutely love doing anything that will get me outdoors. I enjoy spending time trail running, hiking, and rock climbing. I cannot wait to get going and meet new faces and get to know people.”

Theo Moss

Real Life Intern, Evergreen Jr. High School

“I first heard about Youthlinc four years ago when my sister went on her first trip. Since then, I’ve been interested in service, and last year I got the opportunity to participate in my own service year. I chose Real Life as my main service site purely at random, but I ended up falling in love with the kids and the program. I’m so excited to come back as the intern at Evergreen, the site where I first learned what it really means to serve. I’m looking forward to many new adventures this next year!”


Karen Bennett

Real Life Intern, Historic Scott School

“I am a sophomore at the University of Utah. I first learned about Youthlinc and Real Life in 2016. I
completed my 80 hours of service with Real Life at the Scott School before going on my first trip to
Kenya. I went to Nepal as an alum leader the following year. I loved volunteering with Real Life in 2016,
and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work as an intern with this organization.”

Maisy Hayes

Real Life Intern, Central Park PAL

I’m currently a freshman at University of Utah and I’m majoring in Anthropology and Political Science.  I first got involved with Youthlinc last year by volunteering at Evergreen Junior High School and I went to Nepal in summer of 2018 on a humanitarian trip. Before that I volunteered at bad dog arts for two summers and I’ve been volunteering in a 3rd through 4th grade special needs classroom for the past four years. I plan to use my education and college degrees to work or run my own non profit organizations. I’m so excited to gain more experience by working with Real Life and I’m so grateful for this opportunity.”


Landen Longson

Real Life Intern, West High School

“I am a student at the University of Utah majoring in Biology and pursuing a career as a Healthcare Provider. I ran the West High School site for the Real Life Program last year.  I have also participated in three separate expeditions to Northern India through a non-profit called Youth Making a Difference (YMAD). We taught English and performed eye exams.  I also work as a Pharmacy Technician.

My favorite color is forest green, I am fluent in Tagalog, and I love to take pictures in the mountains.  I am excited to be part of Youthlinc again and to work with the Real Life program.”

Rebecca Higham

Real Life Intern, Cottonwood High School

“I am a senior at the University of Utah double majoring in Sociology and Health, Society, and Policy. After graduating in the Spring, I hope to continue my education by getting a Master’s in Public Health. I am also currently conducting a research project through the University of Utah at the Maliheh Free Clinic regarding health literacy among uninsured, low-income patients. I have traveled to India twice on humanitarian expeditions where we taught English and provided hygiene kits / school supplies, and loved every second!

I love naps, avocados, The Office, hiking, and dogs! I also love Real Life and am beyond excited for this new adventure!”


Linda Martinez

Real Life Intern, Meadowbrook STEM

“I am a junior in Salt Lake Community College majoring in Social Work. I went to Guatemala as a student and Madagascar as an alum leader with Youthlinc. I absolutely love this organization and I am super happy that I got this opportunity to work with Real Life!

My hobbies include weightlifting five to six days a week and reading at least one book per month. My goal in life is to always find the greatness in an ordinary day.”