Tips for Traveling Healthy

Youthlinc’s #1 priority is to keep our teams safe and healthy as they travel internationally. In over 13 years of service trips, we have had very few accidents or health issues. Make sure to follow these easy tips so you too can stay safe and sound while overseas. While your medical mentor will be available to you as a resource and in case of any emergency, it is important that each of you bring your own supply of certain medications and other items to aid in keeping you healthy while traveling. Bring the following:

Basic hygiene:

Water and food issues: Traveler’s diarrhea pulls down even the stoutest of travelers and can be very unpleasant. It can be caused by parasites or viruses, but most often it is caused by bacteria carried in food or water. Nothing is more important for you health-wise than thinking carefully about everything you eat and drink.


Accident & injury prevention:

Sexuality and relationships: Other cultures are very different from American culture including when it comes to relationships between the sexes. While you are very encouraged to make friends, be aware that what you may consider to be merely “friendly” may be misinterpreted. Be friendly, but be careful that you are not unconsciously sending the wrong signal.
Psychological issues:

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