This year 236 Youthlinc Service Year students are working hard to fulfill the Youthlinc local service requirement by contributing 80 local service hours, with minimally 40 of those hours at a main service site, by June 1st. Collectively, our students will contribute 18,880+ hours of local service. We have been checking in with our students’ volunteer supervisors to see how things are going. The responses were very positive – Youthlinc students stand out because they are reliable and engaged volunteers!

Here are what some of the volunteer supervisors had to say.

Beehive Homes


Things are going well with the Youthlinc volunteers. I hear good reports from my Activities Director that they are all very helpful and caring with our residents. We really appreciate their hard work! -Linnea Ketcher, Volunteer Supervisor, Beehive Homes

Community Nursing Services


I really appreciate the service your participants provided at our annual Soup & Art Fundraiser. –Bonnie Nell, Volunteer Supervisor, Community Nursing Services

Courage Reins

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We LOVE the Youthlinc volunteers!  They are dedicated and delightful.  Brylie, Gabby, and Tosh are all helpful and so fun to be around.  Thank you for sending such good volunteers.  We deeply appreciate every single minute that they are here.  We’re sad to see summer come, but we know they will be awesome on their respective trips. –Gina Smith, Volunteer Supervisor, Courage Reins Therapeutic Riding Center

Kaysville Youth Court

Kaysville Youth Court is one of many peer courts throughout the nation.  We have been successfully running for approximately 16 years.  Our judges, clerks, bailiffs and mentors are excellent, wonderful students who attend Davis High School and local Junior Highs.  We expect a lot from our judges and they never disappoint!  These young people genuinely care about their peers and voluntarily work to help them right their wrongs, improve in school, and make good life choices.  We are so grateful that Kelsie is a part of the court.  She is an incredible young woman.  -Wendy Bennett, Volunteer Supervisor, Kaysville Youth Court

Liberty Senior Center

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When Stephanie first contacted me about volunteering, I wasn’t quite sure what she was looking for. I placed her at the front desk to monitor the entrance and phones, which she did very well. After a few weeks she began to visit with seniors and join them for afternoon games while still monitoring the front desk. Hopefully she has gained the skills that she wanted to. Now when she comes in, she doesn’t hesitate to go out and mingle with the seniors. -Shawn Ashby, Center Manger, Liberty Senior Center

Neighborhood House


Sierra has been a great volunteer to have, she’s dedicated and always a valuable asset in our classrooms. She’s a highly self-motivated young individual and I wish there were more young adults like her! -Meg Young, Volunteer Supervisor, Neighborhood House


We here at Playworks Utah absolutely love working with Youthlinc.  Betsy has been one of our all-time most amazing volunteers.  She is positive and engages kids like it is second nature to her.  She is extremely reliable and always willing to help, whether at leagues, recess, or special events.  I have nothing but positive feedback regarding her and I hope we are able to grow our partnership with Youthlinc in the future! -Theresa Dellomo, Program Associate, Playworks

Primary Children’s Hospital

Thanks so much for sending volunteers our way. Our Youthlinc volunteers are doing awesome! -Kat Stevens, Volunteer Coordinator, Primary Children’s Hospital

Ronald McDonald House Charities

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We have loved having volunteers from Youthlinc. Olivia has been amazing to have here, she is perceptive, creative and does a great job with the variety of projects she works on. She works really well with the families that are here, during their difficult times, Olivia has brought joy to kids by playing tag and doing crafts and whatever is needed to take burdens away from families! She has also brought in more people to help with projects and we love that she has been an advocate and wanted to share her experience with others. All Youthlinc volunteers we have had, have been amazing. They are dedicated and willing to do whatever our needs may be. They are some of the most insightful, enthusiastic and giving young people I have met. We appreciate the great partnership we enjoy and for the great work they continue to do during their trips and as they continue to serve the local and global communities. -Lauren Willie, Volunteer & Community Outreach Manager, Ronald McDonald House Charities

Salt Lake Peer Court

Mia is a pleasure to have volunteering with Salt Lake Peer Court. It’s great to have youth like her actively involved in our community! -Kayley Richards, Program Director, Salt Lake Peer Court

St. Joseph Villa

Things are good. I haven’t had as many Youthlinc volunteers this year as I did last year. But I loved the ones I have had, they have shown great love and compassion for the residents and cheered many of them. -Mariana Ahlers, Volunteer Supervisor, St. Joseph Villa

The Family Tree


Alexis and Savannah are so special. Such sweet old souls as I would say. The residents adore them and they are willing to do anything we need. They’re great! -Shelby, Volunteer Supervisor, The Family Tree

The Sandy Club

Sandy Club

I want you to know how much I appreciated Jill, Madison, and Olivia.  They were excellent with our kids.  They were so kind and patient with my kids.  Our kids are a handful too.  Thank you for always sending the best volunteers to our program. -Linda Martinez Saville, Executive Director, The Sandy Club

Treehouse Children’s Museum


Things are going really well! All of our volunteers from Youthlinc have been telling me how much fun they are having and how they want to continue volunteering at Treehouse even after they finish their required hours for their service trip! I really could not ask for better volunteers! Amber, Cassandra and Smith have all been so nice and the staff just absolutely love working along side them. They are helpful and really try to help the visitors who come to the Museum. Thanks so much for partnering with us and for recommending Treehouse to great youth volunteers! -Courtnee Goodwin, Volunteer Supervisor, Treehouse Children’s Museum

Whittier Elementary

​Olivia is an amazing asset to our program! She works incredibly well with the kids, and it’s very nice to have her to help with their homework. We appreciate her so much! -Melissa Andrews, Whittier Extended Day Coordinator



Mallory has been such a great help in our program! She always shows up with a positive attitude, and never hesitates to jump right in any activity the kids are apart of! Mallory has been a great mentor to our students, and I know they all enjoy her company! We are truly lucky to have her apart of the YMCA! -Lindsey Ryan, Volunteer Supervisor, YMCA

Camilla is very dependable and reliable. She comes sometimes 3 times a week and she works very well with the kids. I am really hoping that when she is finished with her volunteer hours she can get hired on as a sub. She is awesome! She does everything she is asked and never has a bad attitude. You can tell some volunteers don’t really want to be volunteers but not with her. I can tell she wants to be helpful and there for the kids. -Jamie Nelson, Volunteer Supervisor, YMCA Program at Fox Hills Elementary

Britney is really good at math. She helps us a lot in that area with our advanced kids. She is always smiling and playful with the kids. -Jamie Nelson, Volunteer Supervisor, YMCA Program at Fox Hills Elementary