In just five months seven women have paid off Youthlinc Microenterprise loans and arrangements are being made to rapidly expand the successful pilot program in Chiapas. Before Youthlinc’s visit, these women had no access to these lines of credits or bank accounts. They now have a start to save funds for a rainy day, improve business models, and earn extra income for their families.

On June 26, 2010, the Youthlinc Mexico Microenterprise Committee gave loans to a group of seven women (Grupo Flor) from the community of Bautista Grande for roughly $120 each. Prior to giving this loan, the Committee, made up of several high school and college students, met with close to 80 women from the community, explained credit and loans, and found two groups of women interested in receiving loans to help in their clothing and artisan trade.

The group helped these women account for the products they were making and found ways to improve business by focusing on products that were the most profitable. After two weeks of working closely with the groups, the Committee decided to loan money to one group (Grupo Flor) as a pilot project to see if Youthlinc’s program would be viable in Chiapas.

This success could not have been reached without the partnership of BanMujer (, a government run microfinance organization. Ban Mujer has been oveseeing the collection of the loans and has also provided valuable business training for the women. Because of the 100% loan recuperation with Grupo Flor, BanMujer has proposed to continue working and expanding Youthlinc’s Microenterprise Program in Bautista Grande by offering increased loans to the women and starting a workshop in the community. We are so grateful for this partnership.

The Microenterpirse program and other Youthlinc projects continue to amaze me. When I think of the difference that the hard work and effort these kids made over the months of planning and weeks of work in Mexico, I am dumb founded. While seven women may not seem like a lot right now, the influence of this group of Youthlincers, will spread into other families of women and will help improve the lives of generations. The Youthlinc program continues to create lifetime humanitarians through effective and sustainable development projects. I am happy to be a part of an organization with a clear goal and effective approach to helping those in need.

If you would like to contribute to our Microenterprise program please visit our website at: and click on the DONATE page; or send a check into our office at: 1140 East Brickyard Rd #76, Salt Lake City, UT 84106. Make sure to label each payment with Microenterprise program

Thank you Youthlinc participants and donors (past, present, and future) for making this program possible.


Smith Monson
Intl Service Director

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