The Youthlinc Service Year runs like a well oiled machine. However, as an organization Youthlinc strives toward continual improvement. There are always areas within our program that can be strengthened. With that being said, below is a summary of areas that our new International Service Director, Bekah Meads, will be focusing on improving over the next year.

  1. Training and Empowering Mentors
    • Provide more trainings for Mentors as well as Team Leaders on how to empower Mentors.
    • Help Team Leaders know how to better empower Mentors.
    • Improve Monthly Mentor/Alum Leader meetings.More structure
      • Allow time for leadership evaluationIMG_7162
  2. Help Mentors catch the Youthlinc vision
    • Facilitate ways for Mentors to be involved in the local service aspect of our program.
  3. The Mentor/Alum Leader relationship
    • Shifting focus to an equal partnership.
    • Stress communication between Mentor and Alum Leader.
    • Providing more Mentor/Alum Leader specific trainings:
      • September 26th Alum Leader orientation (review of roles and expectations)
      • October 31st leadership workshop (review of roles and expectations)
      • November 14th Mentor and AL General Orientation meeting (the Mentor/AL relationship and how to work well together)
  4. Committee Manuals
    • New manual on our website that complies past committee projects, ideas for future committee projects, and contact information of past committee Mentor and/or Alum Leader.
    • Helps give Mentor and Alum Leader a starting point for committee work.


Bekah’s hope is that in strengthening the above areas we can make our already great program better, creating an even more enjoyable experience for everyone involved! Our organization is only getting better! Come be a part of it, applications due Wednesday, October 7th.