The Youthlinc mission is to create lifetime humanitarians. Our rigorous local and international Service Year requires students to serve 80 hours in their local communities, and take on leadership roles in planning for their two week international trip.  We use strategies of student leadership, mentoring, cooperative and project based learning, and hands on service to ensure we accomplish our mission.
  • Each year, we survey our incoming class of students (184 this year) on their service involvement. Depending on survey year, only 5-20% claim once-a-month service.
  • Every three years, we survey our alums. Depending on survey year, we have seen anywhere from 60-93% of our alumni report once-a-month service.  75% of the almost 300 alums who have taken the survey so far report once-a-month service. Quite a jump in service involvement. Alums directly relate their service commitment to the Youthlinc Service Year.
  • In 15 years, and close to 1,800 alums, Youthlinc students have contributed almost 129,000 hours of local service in Utah. As the program has grown to its current annual enrollment, 15,000 hours of service will be rendered by Youthlinc students annually.

This year we also asked our 2013 Service Year students to rate their progress on key program goals: quality of the program, and increases in leadership ability, ability to work with a group to accomplish a goal, ability to successful undertake complex projects.  The results are below.

Graph 1


Graph 2


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