Young Humanitarian Award

Though our society recognizes young people for their accomplishments in sports and academics, the Youthlinc Utah Young Humanitarian Award celebrates outstanding humanitarian service among youth, generously sponsored by the George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation. Youthlinc has organized this annual statewide search since 2005.  Due to the generosity of the Michel Foundation, the Robert D. Kent Jr Trust, the Low Family Foundation, and the University Union Student Leadership Scholarship fund we have increased the amount of each scholarship award.

One outstanding high school student and one outstanding college student will each receive a $5,000 college scholarship. One high school student and one college student will each receive a $3,000 college scholarship. Three high school students and three college students will each receive a $1,000 college scholarship for a total of $22,000 in scholarship awards to students who are working to make a difference wherever and however they can.

In addition, any student committed to attending the University of Utah will receive a matching scholarship from the Union Student Leader Scholarship Fund managed by the A. Ray Olpin University Union Building.  A $5,000 scholarship from Youthlinc would turn into $10,000 for University of Utah students!