2005 Utah Young Humanitarian – $5,000 Winner

Britnie Anderson

From raising money for a neighbor with ALS to spearheading efforts to bring a little Kenyan girl to the U.S. for surgery, Britnie has taken a leadership role in a seemingly unending list of local and international service projects. A junior at the University of Utah, Britnie has volunteered at Cottonwood Hospital, South Valley Boys and Girls club, and currently tutors an ESL youngster. She has traveled to China, Guatemala, Peru, and Kenya (twice) to do humanitarian work, working two jobs to raise the money.

Life is a journey, not a race to be won. I do my best to help others on their way.


$1,000 Finalists

Melanie Goates

With an ability to organize and rally others to a cause, Melanie has taken leadership roles in the National Alliance to End Homelessness, U of U Bennion Center, Timpview High School Mentoring Program, Utah Youth Summit Executive Committee, YES (Youth Engaged in Service). She has traveled to Kenya and Mexico to do international service, and is especially good at organizing reflective activities for young people involved in service.

A friend commented, Mel, you drink deeply from the cup of life. I don’t know any other way—sipping is unsatisfying.

Melissa Nuntapreda

Assisting the elderly is a joyful, regular activity for Melissa. She volunteers at the South Valley Care Center, and often cleans their homes, does their laundry and just visits. She has also organized Kids Carnivals for Make-A-Wish and exercise programs for Fit Kids. For the past two years, she has also volunteered to feed the homeless and with Best Buddies, a club to mentor peers with disabilities. Senior Class President at Taylorsville High, she has had to hold down a job to support her single-parent family since she was 14.

I started talking to an elder, and my friend said to me, He doesn’t talk to anyone. But he talked to me. My friend said, You have a way of making people feel important.

Cassandra Parker

A senior at Cottonwood High, Cassie has a five year track record of consistent service. Under the mentorship of her mom, Cassie has been active in the National Charity League, volunteering at Ronald McDonald House, The Sharing Place, Utah Food Bank, The Children’s Home, The Road Home and St. Joseph’s Villa. She has taken a leadership role in founding a Rotary International sponsored Interact service club where they have raised money for Tsunami relief, a homeless youth center, and Bishop Hannington’s Home for Destitute Children in Kenya. Cassie also volunteers with deaf children in Utah and has participated in the YouthLINC program to Ngala School for the Deaf in Kenya.

Service isn’t about me at all. It’s about knowing I was put on this earth to help others, to love and be loved in return.

Spencer Thompson

Standing outside in frigid, wet Utah winter weather, Spencer led the efforts of his fraternity to collect coins from fellow college students in order to build a library at a school for the deaf in Kenya. They raised almost $6000 in five days. Spencer has also raised money for Tsunami victims and the Utah Food Bank. He has been involved in service projects for the Salvation Army and tutors refugee children at the Sorenson Multi-Cultural center. He has traveled with YouthLINC to Kenya to do international service.

To be a true and loyal friend, you must defend others when they are ridiculed, and love others even when they are being unlovable.