You Might Be Utah’s 2016 Young Humanitarian if:

1. Your friends ask you to hang out but your say, “Sorry, I am volunteering, want to come?”

2. Your phone is blowing up all the time with world news updates.

3. You are taking your next date to go feed the homeless. Why not? It’s fun!

4. You spend more time volunteering than working, doing homework, or watching Netflix.

5. During class you find yourself daydreaming  about last week’s service project. What went well? What could have gone better? Did it really help?

6. The trunk of your car is never empty. You never know when you’ll be at a project and spontaneously need those crafts, hula-hoops, or snacks! Better safe than sorry.

7. Somehow when there is a service project, you end up taking the lead.

8. You find random donations on your porch. Everyone knows you will give it to someone in need.

9. You realize all of your Facebook posts are about asking for donations for a bunch of service projects.

10. Your idea of a good day is never complete without making someone’s life a little bit better.

Apply now! $5,000 college scholarship $8,500 runner-up awards

Youthlinc Utah Young Humanitarian Award  application deadline: Wednesday, March 16, 2016