Local service is a critical part of Youthlinc mission–creating lifetime humanitarians. As Youthlinc Service Year Students contribute 80 hours of local service, they realize that they can have a positive impact on their community. They more fully understand the needs in their own neighborhood. They gain experience and skills, that may develop into a future job or career path. They develop meaningful relationships with genuinely needy individuals. They also become a relied-upon volunteer within their main service site. Service organizations and agencies across Utah appreciate Youthlinc volunteers because they are dependable and engaged. Read what several of Utah service organizations have to say about this year’s Youthlinc students.

American Red Cross




I really enjoy working with Riley. He helped me out just as much as I helped him. He is still working with me to help out at a blood drive next week as well. -Scott Brown, Account Manager I, Donor Recruitment

Bad Dog Arts








The whole group of Youthlinc students – Marie, Maggie, and Melissa – have been helpful in our classroom. As a bonus, I just met Sam and Avery who are Youthlinc volunteers at Camp Kostopulos, and they were super-cool and helpful there, too. We have enjoyed having your students working with Bad Dog Arts and are excited to be part of your projects. -Jen Lopez, Volunteer Supervisor

Big Brothers Big Sisters






Linda has done extremely well working with us. I feel that your volunteers are extremely hard working and I would like to provide them with another opportunity to fulfill their service hours. -Abram Sherrod, South Region Coordinator

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake







Medina is awesome. She saved the day in one of our groups yesterday. The kids were being a little rowdy and she walked in with her drum and started up an activity. We love her! -Maren Miller, Capitol West Club Director

Chandler is an awesome kid, I will miss him when he leaves. -Linda Martinez Saville, Volunteer Supervisor, The Sandy Club

We have loved having Ashley and Dakota here in our Club.  They both have been working hard to make a connection with the kids and to learn different skills from our staff.  Both Dakota and Ashley have been great to work with! -Bethany Weller, Teen Coordinator, Sugar House Club

Camp Harmony

Camp Harmony[2] copy








Jordan and Davis were both fantastic counselors. Their positive attitudes and amazing energy were very much appreciated throughout our camp session. We are looking forward to having them back for many camps to come! -Teddy Levitt, Camp Harmony Volunteer Supervisor

Camp Kostopulos





Avery has been a great asset to Camp K and we appreciate how regularly he is able to volunteer. I know our staff and participants appreciate seeing him so regularly. It’s important for our population to have consistency and I think Avery has been a great example for all of our volunteers. Thanks for sending such great volunteers our way! -Sami Kennington, TRS/CTRS, Program Manager, Volunteer Coordinator

Children’s Synergistic Learning Collaborative







Sophia has been such an excellent volunteer to have around. We have a diverse group of children at our center and Sophia has found ways to connect with all of them. As I have witnessed with many staff and volunteers, this is not easy to do. We work hard at the Children’s SLC to provide a quality learning environment for all kids using an integrated, inclusive, differentiated, and experiential model. This is no easy task and the most important piece is to first create and nurture the optimal space. I am referring here to the emotional space. Sophia has a relaxed and gentle nature that I value highly when creating space, as it makes children feel safe, liked, and open. In our setting children are give a fair amount of freedom to direct his or her learning and because of this you never know what will be happening when you walk in the door! Sophia easily and non intrusively joins various small clusters of children – whether she is assisting children as they build or create something personal, reading them stories, responding to requests and needs, or helping clean up she eases right in and the children love having her around. She naturally follows a child’s lead and always checks in with me or any other crew member if she has a question.

Not only is she great with our kids, but she also communicates well with me, letting me know when she will be there and giving me plenty of notice if she needs to rearrange her schedule. She is well dressed, on time, and self-directed. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better volunteer. Thank you for offering such a meaningful program! -Libbi, Volunteer Supervisor

Courage Reins Therapeutic Riding Center

this one







I was so happy to have Hollis with us! She was ambitious, adorable, and so friendly.  She said she learned a lot while she served here. I wish she could stay with us and/or we had many more like her! All of the students who have come here from Youthlinc have been awesome. Thank you for sending such high quality people. -Gina Smith, Volunteer Coordinator & Instructor

Davis Hospital & Medical Center




We enjoy our volunteers and they really make a difference. -Jessica Wilde, Volunteer/Customer Service Coordinator

Friday’s Kids Respite

FKR logo, caring for special children






I was impressed by how motivated and upbeat Morgan was when I met him. Every Youthlinc volunteer we have worked with has been exceptional. Thank you for giving them the opportunity to develop in your program. -Sydnee Ochoa, Volunteer Coordinator

George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center






We love having Kathryn! -Belinda Karabatsos, Volunteer Supervisor

Hillcrest High School







I am the athletic director at Hillcrest High School, I just tell you that Mia is working with special needs kids in “unified sports.” These kids already love Mia, and she just works so well and is so dedicated. Many of these kids have never participated in sports and Mia is making that possible for them. You’re lucky to have Mia in Youthlinc. -John Olsen, Volunteer Supervisor, Hillcrest Athletic Director

Hser Ner Moo Community & Welcome Center





Promise South Salt Lake and Youthlinc represent a thriving partnership with the goal of helping South Salt Lake youth and families to succeed in school and life. The Promise South Salt Lake Hser Ner Moo Community & Welcome Center, one of ten neighborhood centers of South Salt Lake Mayor Cherie Wood’s Promise South Salt Lake initiative, greatly benefits from its partnership with Youthlinc. As part of the Real Life Program, which provides Peer Mentors to several Promise SSL neighborhood centers 18 Peer Mentors visit the Hser Ner Moo Community & Welcome Center twice per week to assist South Salt Lake youth with homework and enrichment activities. “They’ve conducted activities related to financial literacy and communication techniques, among other things,” says Promise Center Manager Mark Lowe. “In the month of January 2015, these Peer Mentors provided over 164 volunteer hours at the Hser Ner Moo Community & Welcome Center. Other wonderful volunteers come to us through Youthlinc’s Local Service Directory. One particular volunteer, Kayla, has been extremely involved and engaged in Hser Ner Moo programming – sometimes coming twice per week. Thank you for continuing this wonderful partnership with our community! -Mark Lowe, Center Manager, Promise South Salt Lake

Learn & Grow Daycare/Preschool





Sadie is doing a great job. She loves the kids and they love her. She is cute, vivacious and a child magnet. We are blessed to have her at the Learn & Grow Daycare/Preschool on Friday afternoons. -Tony Scoma, Owner & Volunteer Supervisor

Magna Elementary School

Youthlinc volunteer, Aubriel, began working at my after school program at Magna Elementary School in November 2014. In the short time she has been with us, Aubriel has been a constant force of positivity, enthusiasm, and exemplary behavior. Her zeal for life and service is infectious, which is why our students ask me on a daily basis, “Is Aubriel coming today?”.  Because Aubriel is so bright and so good at inspiring youth, I knew right away that she would make the biggest impact tutoring a small group of students in a quiet environment. These students rarely get one-on-one teaching opportunities. She currently is tutoring about 5 students on a regular basis and we have seen increased homework completion rates, comprehension, and satisfaction amongst parents. Her efforts really are making a difference and as a program director, I couldn’t be more pleased with her professionalism and dedication to helping these students learn. When Aubriel has completed homework with these students, she will assist our teachers by tutoring anyone else who needs help. She also gets the chance to participate in various enrichment activities. Way to go, Aubriel! You Rock! -Clay Brimhall, Magna Elementary ASP Coordinator

Maple Mountain Assisted Living

Summer is absolutely wonderful, perceiving needs and giving her all!  The residents love her and look forward to her visits.  She is of outstanding character. -Anna Turley, Volunteer Supervisor

Midway Elementary School







We love having MaeLin at the school.  She has been working with our Dual Immersion program in the Spanish classes.  She is great and does a great job helping the kids. -Wendy Sorenson, Secretary

Now I Can Foundation 








We have loved having Korynn volunteer with us. She has been such an asset and we have loved watching her grow in her volunteer position. I love that it is so simple to verify hours. Youthlinc is a wonderful organization and we love that we are able to partner with you! -Melissa Chalk, Managing Director

Treehouse Children’s Museum








Gabie, Skyler, and Celeste are a delight to work with and I am lucky to have Youthlinc volunteers on our volunteer list. Youthlinc volunteers are always the greatest to work with. They always greet staff and visitors in a very professional and polite manner. They aren’t afraid to do any type of project that needs to be done. They are always on time for their shifts and they bring a positive attitude to the workplace. They are great at helping the children that visit and they have learned how to teach simple art projects in our Art Garden. I couldn’t have asked for better volunteers and it is lovely to work with Youthlinc! The volunteers have truly had a positive impact while working in our exhibit galleries. Thank you Youthlinc, for sending Treehouse Children’s Museum such great volunteers! -Courtnee Goodwin, Treehouse Children’s Museum Volunteer Coordinator

Special Needs Primary

I have been involved with the Special Needs Primary on and off for over 20 years.  The individuals who come truly deserve the title Special.  Although the title is “Primary” we actually cater to a wide range of ages, from a little boy of 4 to an older gentleman of 75 who has been a mainstay of our program for nearly 40 years.  We have a multitude of diagnoses and particular needs but what we share in common far outweighs our differences.  Lucy is a wonderful light in the organization- sensitive to each person’s moods and needs, patient and always loving.  I appreciate that a 16-year-old girl would selflessly give of her time every week to help others, in any way but particularly in the dedicated and astute fashion that Lucy does.  I am pleased that her service here will enable her to have an equally enriching summer experience with Youthlinc. -Brooke Liljenquist, Volunteer Supervisor

The Abbington

It has been a pleasure having Greta here with us. She is so wonderful and compassionate with our residents. They too have enjoyed having her here to play with them and look forward to Monday afternoons.  Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to be able to have these young women here. -Candyce Meriwether, Volunteer Supervisor









Anytime we have youth call looking for volunteer opportunities, we always refer them to Youthlinc’s Local Service Directory because we know they’ll find what they need. We also love that the directory is online now. -Katie Barlow, Administrative Support Specialist

Primary Children’s Hospital






Caity is a doll and such a good, kind, ambitious young lady. We love having her here! -Jo Duff, RN

I love having Olivia and Kylie here! -Kat Stevens, Volunteer Coordinator