Local Service is a huge part of the Youthlinc Service Year curriculum.  Every student is required to serve 80 hours over the school year to be eligible to go on the international trip.  Every year when Youthlinc begins a new Service Year, applicants are excited for what international site they will be traveling to that summer.  What many of the students don’t realize is how much they are also going to enjoy their local service experience.  Students apply for the international service, and end up loving their local service… and here are some testimonials from the past few years that explain why local service is important and why it is a big part of the Youthlinc program.

Service Year applications are now being accepted.  Completed applications are due October 9, 2013.   Applications are on the Apply Page.

“The Spectrum Academy is the first charter school in Utah to focus primarily on the unique learning needs of children with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.  It was incredible for me to serve there because I know what it is like to have Autism.  The teachers at The Spectrum Academy served as my mentors in helping me to get to know the kids I was worked with and helped me make the best of my service time there.” – Austen, Guatemala 2012

“I loved volunteering at Primary Children’s Medical Center, because I loved making someone’s life just a little bit happier for a couple hours. Volunteering there really made me realize that service doesn’t have to be a grand humanitarian trip somewhere or anything big. I learned that service can be as simple as smiling and making a kid feel special and loved. It was great!” – Laura, Kenya 2012

“The thing I valued most about my service was developing such strong relationships with the people. I still go to my site at least 3 times a week to spend time with the people there. I enjoyed their company as well as everything they taught me through their positive attitudes on life.” – Abigail, Cambodia 2013

“A short time after I started volunteering at the Heartland Boys and Girls Club, the director started a new program where I took a small group of kids that were struggling in a certain area or needed one to one attention. I really remember helping a little girl sound out each letter in a word and repeating it for minutes on end so she could learn to read and spell better! I enjoyed that I was able to take ownership of a project and see the outcome of my hard work.  – Haleigh, Kenya 2012

“Service has given me such a good perspective on how to have a passion and love for life. They refugees that I worked with showed me what it means to love and be proud of who you are and where you come from. I had so much fun, learned so much, and loved every minute of volunteering!” – Alyssa, Vietnam 2013

“As a big sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters I helped my little with homework, social skills, and made her feel comfortable with others.  I loved being able to have someone that looked up to me and I became someone that she trusted, and that has a large impact on both of our lives.” –Jayden, Guatemala 2012

“Volunteering became a great way to look at a career and I actually fell in love with teaching through this experience. The kids I worked with had such a love for learning and always brightened my day.” – Saige, Cambodia 2013

Real Life SLC gave me so much service experience and really brought me into the culture of service.  Every activity we would have was interactive and became a bonding experience with the teens we were mentoring.  Every time I would drive home from Real Life, feeling like I had accomplished something great.” – Eleanor, Cambodia 2012

“At first I wasn’t willing to volunteer Fridays, I was very picky and selfish about the time I was donating. Then I fell in love with the atmosphere, the people who ran it and the kids. I went whatever days I could after that! Real Life showed me that I could genuinely care about people who aren’t related to me through school or background. I learned so much about myself.” – Gui, Peru 2012

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