Welcome to the Youthlinc Impact Modules. All participants will complete monthly impact modules that will address issues of bias, white saviorism, and mental health. These modules will help participants to understand themselves and others before traveling internationally. These modules help us become better humanitarians and set us up for sustainable best practices while we are serving abroad.


For the month of May we will review helpful tips and resources to get you ready for your International Trip: What are you doing to keep yourself healthy, safe and happy on your upcoming Trip? Nothing will ruin your international experience like spending it locked in the bathroom, having issues with your bank, or arranging for new documents at the local U.S. Embassy, here are a few helpful tips to keep yourself healthy, safe, and enjoying everyone moment of your trip.

Traveling Healthy

How to stay healthy while traveling abroad with active and preventative measures

Policy and Procedures

Youthlinc Code of Conduct

Packing and Travel

What to pack, and what to expect while traveling


SECTION 1: Traveling Healthy

Travel Clinic

Visiting a travel clinic is a crucial part of traveling abroad that we often forget but need to take seriously. Travel clinics are staffed with medical professionals that specialize in travel and infectious disease. They can check specific areas you will visit and tell you the risks you may encounter. Our bodies and immunne systems get really good at combating common threats to it’s system. Where we live plays a major role in what our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis. When we travel we are exposing ourselves to a higher risk of new bacteria, viruses, and diseases. Being able to meet with a medical professional provides the opportunity to discuss how to proactively prevent additional risks.   Youthlinc partners with the University of Utah Travel Clinic to provide relevant education and one-on-one consultations for all participants to review all recommended travel vaccines that are recommended for your International destination.  As a participant you have an opportunity to schedule your appointment with the University of Utah. If you were unable to make it during our Youthlinc hours, or are an out of state participant, please schedule an individual appointment with your preferred Travel Clinic (these can be found at your local health department). The University of Utah provides online educational videos, if you have not watched these already please review these (with a parent if applicable) They include information on:  
  • Food and Water/Beverage Precautions
  • Preventing Flight-Related health problems
  • Decreasing your risk of respiratory illness
  • Vaccinations for preventable travel-related diseases
  • Insect borne diseases

Healthy Travel Information by Country

How to Keep yourself happy and healthy while traveling:

Visit a Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic

Meeting with a Medical professional can answer questions and help you develop an individual Plan of Action

Complete Your Medical Questionnaire

This is completed on your Dashboard
Please complete your form with as much information as possible regarding physical, mental and emotional health. This information is only shared with the medical mentor and used to keep you healthy and advocate for your needs.


Sleep is your first line of defense. When your body is rested it can fight off new bacteria or viruses more effectively. When your mind is rested it can help you remain alert and make good decisions. Try to adapt to your time change as quickly as possible

Watch what you Eat

Watch what you eat

Youthlinc has vendors that we trust to uphold high standards. You should avoid eating anything that is not approved or provided by your Team Leader.

Protect your Skin

Protect your skin! Make sure you wear proper attire and footwear.
Actively apply Sunscreen and Bug spray throughout the day.

Pack a personal First Aid Kit

Pack a small first aid kit. Pack any over-the-counter medications you use frequently as well as items that may come in handy. Some examples of things to pack in a first aid kit can be found in your team manual.

Make sure you have and adequate supply of any Prescriptions Medications

Prescription Medications!

Please have a full supply of any necessary Prescriptions. This should be kept in their Rx container and always be in your personal carry-on while traveling.

Wash your hands frequently

or sanitize

Wash your hands

The most dangerous thing you'll encounter are your very own two hands. the best offense against unwanted germs is classic soap and water. Hand sanitizer or wet wipes can work in a pinch.

SECTION 2: Policies and Procedures

Youthlinc Code of Conduct

Youthlinc’s Code of Conduct ensures the safety of all involved in our program, participants, partnering NGOs, and those we serve.
Youthlinc is a local and International partnering organization and has spent 20 years building trust and relationships with each of our partners, and every community we serve in. 

Service is an act of diplomacy and brings communities and individuals together, to heal, build, to learn, and to grow. ANY breach in our code of conduct threatens your individual safety, our partnerships with International NGOs, our work in every community, and our ability to achieve our mission and the mission of our partners.
Youthlinc’s Code of Conduct applies to ALL activities and ALL participants associated with Youthlinc, including but not limited to local service, Team meetings, Overnight Retreats, and during International Travel.  

I agree to obey and sustain the law of the United States throughout the local and international portion of the service year.

I agree to obey and sustain the laws of my International destination associated with Youthlinc, throughout the local and international portion of Service Year

I will respect the property rights of others. This includes refraining from stealing, concealment, damage, or misuse of the property of others. 

I am not involved, nor will become involved in Drug Use. This includes possession, personal use, or distribution of any narcotic, dangerous or illegal drug (as defined by both U.S., Utah, and applicable International Law), except as prescribe by a licensed medical practitioner.

I understand that underage drinking is prohibited. The legal drinking age for all participants is defined by U.S. Law (regardless of international laws) as the age of 21+. 

I will respect the rights of others during the entire Youthlinc experience, in Utah, while traveling, and internationally. This includes not physically or verbally abusing any person, sexually harassing any person, or engaging in behaviors that endanger the health or safety of myself or others. 

I will respect the rules and directions of Youthlinc Team Leadership and Staff. I will stay with the team and participate in all activities unless otherwise directed by the Team Leadership. 

No participant will go out alone. While traveling or during any activity, including scheduled or spontaneous activities, participants will be in a group of minimally 5 people, including at least 1 adult mentor or leader. 

Team leaders will oversee rooming assignments. Co-ed rooming, unless adult individuals are married or in a domestic partnership are not allowed. 
All Rooming assignments must be followed as directed by Team Leaders. 

Any public displays of intimate affection (kissing, hand, holding, any sexual activity) are NOT allowed on Youthlinc Service Year trips. 

Additionally, any intimate relationships (regardless of sexual orientation) are strictly prohibited between team members and/or community members, as it puts into peril participant safety and international partnerships. 

LGBTQIA+ participants and travelers(state department): Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) travelers can face unique challenges when traveling abroad.  Youthlinc and all of our International Partners take your safety seriously. We do not have concerns about working with our partners and local communities in any of our current international sites while traveling with our groups. However, that does not change the fact that Laws and attitudes in some countries. Legal protections vary from country to country.  Many countries do not legally recognize same-sex marriage.  Approximately seventy countries consider consensual same-sex sexual relations a crime, sometimes carrying severe punishment. Please take every precaution, if you would like additional support while traveling please contact your Team Leader or our International Service Director Jordan@youthlinc.org. 

I will not engage in ANY activities relating to body modification. This includes but is not limited to: Tattoos or body piercings.

I will be respectful in items of dress code requirements as is culturally appropriate for my local and international service site. 

International Dress codes are provided by our In-country coordinators, our International Service Director, and Team Leadership. ALL participants are expected to respect these request. 

I will make this opportunity to serve a chance to be present among the people I am serving and create meaningful connections at home and abroad. As such, I will respect the expectations set forth by Team Leader regarding cell phone use. 

Cell phones and additional cameras will NOT be allowed at my international worksite unless otherwise permitted or assigned by my Team Leader. 

I understand that each participant in Youthlinc is a representative of the Youthlinc Organization, Our International Partner Organization, and the United States.  As such, I will not attempt to further any cause, Religious, political, or otherwise which is outside the stated or understood purposes of Youthlinc. 

Behaviors that further a cause include holding a meeting or distribution materials relating to a religious, political, or other cause. 

A single violation of Youthlinc’s Code of Conduct may be grounds for expulsion from the Service Year program at ANY time, locally or Internationally. If a participant is removed from the program while traveling Internationally, that participant will return home early at their own expense. Upon registration all participants signed an agreement to adhere to the Youthlinc Code of Conduct.

SECTION 3: Packing and Travel

Before you Depart

  • Make sure you have uploaded a copy of your passport. It is important that Youthlinc have access to a copy of your passport in case of an emergency, or a lost/stolen passport.
  • Set up Travel Notice for any Debit or Credit cards you intend to use while traveling. We recommend traveling with a debit card and making an ATM withdrawal once at your final destination to receive local currency. You may need additional money for meals while traveling, beverages (other than water, such as soda or smoothies), souvenirs, laundry, and optional excursion opportunities.
  • Make sure your Team Leader and ISD know about any Allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Complete your Medical Questionnaire and discuss any concerns with your Teams Medical professional and/or Team Leaders
  • Treat your clothing with permethrin
  • If applicable, Start your Malaria Prophylaxis as directed

While Traveling with your Group

  • Check-in: Youthlinc makes flight bookings in groups. This means you will need to meet your team at the airport and check in All together, 3 hours prior to your departure time. Your team leader will confirm the time and location.
  • Stay with your group at all times. You must be in a group of 5+ with at least one adult mentor at all times
  • Keep your Passport and other important travel documents in a designated location on your person. Every time you pull out your documents return them to that location before moving on.
  • Food, Drinks, and Snacks: While you are traveling you are responsible for all meals, snacks, or drinks. You will receive a meal on your international flight. Please plan to have access to money for meals along the way.
  • Wash your hands and use sanitizer regularly, it is always flu season at the airport.
  • Travel with all Prescription Medications on your person. Your teams’ flights may take longer than 24 hours and include time changes. Set alarms to remind yourself to take Prescriptions while traveling.
  • Drink plenty of water, and Stay Hydrated! Avoid caffeinated drinks.


Every participant is allowed to have 1 personal item (must fit under the seat in front of you), 1 carry-on, and 1 50lb checked bag. In your luggage you will need to take all of your personal items, your individual lesson materials, and team committee project supplies. Please plan to save 1/3-1/2 of your checked back for donations needing to go to your international destination for projects. You will disperse donations and supplies equally among the team at your Packing meeting.

Remember, you are going to be working hard, and in most cases, your environment will be hot and Humid, this is NOT a fashion show. Dress for protection, and comfort, that matches the projects you will be participating in. We recommend lightweight clothing that will dry quickly. We also recommend treating your clothing with Permetherin- a long-lasting insecticide that repels insects for up to 6 washes.

Pack light, and only take the essentials. There are opportunities to do laundry at each of our sites. Your Team leader can help answer any questions about your packing list.

Team Manuals Include a Complete Packing List, Travel Itinerary, and FAQ for your country