So many incredible young adults apply for our Young Humanitarian Award every year. We are always blown away with how inspiring these applicants are and the beautiful ways they are impacting the world.
We want to highlight a few of our past Young Humanitarian winners and finalists– and their lasting commitment to service.  They each walk different paths, but have the same final goal:  to serve others.  Thank you Don, Chelsea and Lisa for sharing! 
Don Willie (2006 Young Humanitarian)

Where is he:

Don works in the Office of the Governor of Utah, serving as the Policy Analyst while pursuing a Masters of Public Administration at the University of Utah…all while anticipating the arrival of his first child. 

Service involvement:
He continues to serve in the community and at the University of Utah. His passion in service has most recently focused on civic engagement and working with community members to become more active in local and state government. Don and his wife also conducted a humanitarian trip to Cambodia last summer where they taught many medical and hygiene lessons and distributed hygiene kits.
What does he want to tell people about service:
“Service is a cornerstone of my life. Being able to combine my passion for community service and participatory government has afforded me the tremendous opportunity to have a positive impact on our community through policy research and development. In my free time, I find great reward in serving the community by increasing civic participation and involvement.” 
Chelsea Gould (2007 Young Humanitarian)

Where is she:
Even with having to undergo open heart surgery last year, Chelsea continues to work towards positive change on a global level. She is studying Public Health and Minoring in International Development at BYU.  Her goal:  to learn how to implement changes in NGO’s and create better sustainable development (especially in the health sector) throughout the world.  Amazing!
Service Involvement:
Chelsea can’t wait until she graduates this next fall, she is feeling better and can’t wait to put it to use! On the days she feels better, she loves to go volunteer at an Alzheimer’s Unit which is where she finds a lot of joy and some of her best friends.
What does she want to tell people about service:
“Service is what has brought me the most joy and fulfillment in my life. My capacity to love, grow, learn, and be happy comes when I am reaching outside of myself and helping those around me. Life has meaning and purpose when we are lifting others – whether on large-scale projects, or simply taking time to notice the little things that need to be done to lift another. We can’t sit back and expect the world to be better if we are not continually doing our part to help and I will do my very best to never stop trying.”
Lisa Moynihan (2012 Young Humanitarian)
Where is she at:
Lisa has been hard at work during her first year of teaching. She is teaching junior high, and is currently working with 8th graders. She has almost successfully survived her first year!

Service Involvement:
This year she implemented a service program for her 8th grade class to make regular visits to a local assisted living facility (Wentworth Assisted Living). They visit with the residents on Sunday afternoons doing everything from crafts to singing songs. All of her students have participated in the program. Lisa is also a cultural committee mentor on the 2013 Youthlinc Peru team.

What does she want to tell people about service:
“Service has always been what has given my life meaning. I crave to work for and with others. As I near the completion of my first year of teaching, I now understand why I was drawn to the profession in the first place. Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers, because you get to give of yourself to your students. I get to share and pass on my love of service to the next generation. It has given me a whole new perspective on and appreciation for service in my life.”

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