Students in Cambodia are required to wear a uniform to school. Many children are too poor to afford a uniform so they are not allowed to attend school.
The third grade wants to help!
One complete school uniform for a student in Cambodia costs $12.00. That includes shoes, pants or a skirt, and a shirt.
We are going to be collecting coins to buy uniforms for students in Cambodia. We will be donating the money to the Youthlinc and Sustainable Cambodia organizations to directly benefit students in Cambodia.

How it works:

  • We will be collecting coins from January 30-February 10.
  • There will be a “Coins for Cambodia” jar in each third grade classroom
  • Students bring in any change or extra money they have & put it in the jar.
  • Each class has a goal of collecting enough money to buy 7 school uniforms – that is $84.00.
  • Each class that reaches their goal will get to make their teacher do something silly. Students will be voting on what their teacher will have to do.
  • The third grade class that brings in the most money will earn a tech day.

Let’s get excited to help the kids of Cambodia!

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