On Saturday March 8th from 12:30-5pm, Youthlinc teams will congregate at the University of Utah’s Orson Spencer Hall building for Committee Workshops.  Instead of your regular team meeting, you’ll attend this mandatory meeting to learn about your committee work and what has been done before.  Afterwards, you’ll work with your committee to set goals, brainstorm projects and Alum Leaders will discuss the committee’s plans for raising money for project funds.

Each one of you will walk out of the meeting knowing ‘what you’re doing at your site’, and with some cool jobs that will give you the chance to truly make a difference at your site.

No matter which committee you’re on, your efforts are part of a package deal that will benefit you and the villagers where we serve.  Here’s why:

  1. Community DevelopmentOn committees, each participant has an opportunity to take ownership of their international service, and by doing so, gains valuable leadership experience and project management skills.
  2. By breaking our efforts up into committees, we mirror what we understand from international best practice: that sustainable development is achieved through a myriad of efforts that promote and improve a community.  Every committee works on an aspect of development work that contributes to long lasting positive change.  Check out the graphic to see where your efforts fit in!


Want to learn more about Committee Work? You’ll find lots of info in the Youthlinc Participant Manual.

To get the most out of your experience, spend a minute reading advice from alums by clicking here.

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