Saturday, July 18th Blog by Kausha LeBeau


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Good work is being done! Today students visited an elderly couple who hadn’t been visited in 17 years prior to their arrival. The students were able to talk to them and learn about their lives. Amazing!

With the help of villagers and students, the mural is almost done! Come monday it will be a masterpiece, a union of the Youthlinc team and the village of Santa Isabel. The villagers love the mural so much that we are now painting the entire building.

Students and villagers are sweating it out on construction, with one bridge complete and another in the process.

However, the best time of the day is getting to play with the little ones of the village. I’ve never seen nor held more beautiful babies in my life. Their eyes are so captivating. Each one tells a story all on their own.

With only five more days in the village, we’re soaking up every moment.