After a few days of planes, trains, and automobiles, the whole team has arrived in the province of Krabi, Thailand safe and sound. Today was our first full day in our new home and we all were thrilled to be in such a different environment. It’s like a jungle here! With forest-covered, huge limestone mountains all around us. It’s hot and humid, but most of us are adjusting pretty well :)Today we visited the Thamthonglang school, where we’ll be installing a septic tank and kitchen. This afternoon we had opening ceremonies at the school. Members of the local school board attended, and we were served a nice lunch! Some very cute little girls from the school performed dances and played their flutes for us, and we danced the “cupid shuffle” with the kids. Although we can’t communicate very well by way of language, we still had a fun-filled afternoon with the kids! We all played soccer, danced the hokey pokey, and played on their small playground. A funny moment from this afternoon was when, in the midst of a rowdy soccer game, one small boy found a frog and chased his friend around the field with it, eventually throwing it on him! As Pete put it “Although we felt bad for the frog, we all had a good laugh.” After our visit to the school, we visited a buddhist temple which was basically planted inside one of the big mountains. We climbed stairs through the mountain and visited the buddhist shrines, which were really ornate and beautiful! Afterwards, some of us took a trip to a grocery store and stocked up on some good, cheap food! We enjoyed using our Baht and finding some good treats at the store. Now, back at our hotel, some of us are swimming, and some are heading off to bed. We’ve got a busy 2 weeks ahead of us, and we’re all beyond stoked to be here. Missing everyone at home! …but not TOO much 😉

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