We started off this week at Real Life right! We had some amazing Minute-to-Win-it challenges! Teams “Christiano Ronaldo”, “Game Time”, and “Super” all went against each other in our own rendition of a game show!
 Team Christiano Ronaldo planning their gameshow strategies…

 Before each challenge, we showed videos on the projector so that everyone knew what to do.
 The “Bite Me” challenge! Real Lifers had to move an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth without dropping it or touching it with their hands!
 Gesan’s got the strategy down! Use those face muscles!
 In this challenge, Real Lifers had to balance a can of soda on it’s edge, drinking the perfect amount of soda in order to get it to stay. Way to go!
Real Lifers had to use a piece of raw spaghetti and string six pieces of pasta onto it in under a minute!
Sala getting all wrapped up in the toilet paper challenge!
 Estephanous looking like a mummy! Team Gametime won this challenge.
 In this challenge, Gesan had to tie a banana around his waste and knock an orange into a circle!
This was a very interesting challenge! It definitely produced a lot of laughs. 
Real Lifers also had to pull out a full box of tissues in under a minute!
Sala totally dominated this competition! He had to stack five apples on top of each other, a challenge no one else could complete!
We had an awesome time playing games on Monday!
On Wednesday we had another 4H class!
On Friday we had an easter egg hunt and played night games! Real Lifers participated in the South Salt Lake Festival and met at Granite Park Middle School. The hunt was a blast!

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