The friends and family team arrived successfully to the humble village of Peak Sneng.  We were met with smiling children’s faces and sweet applause.  For opening ceremonies some children from the local orphanage danced their traditional “Flower” and “Coconut” dances.  Our team then sang “You are my sunshine” and “The Star Spangled Banner” and did some line dancing for the local’s amusement.  After Opening Ceremonies we were able to meet all of the children and learn to communicate without many words.  Bubbles, duck-duck-goose, and fingernail painting were all it took to connect with each other.

In the afternoon we got right to work.  We have some exciting projects this year including repainting the school, teaching lots lessons, micro-enterprise, health lessons in the community, gardening, and building a compost and fire-pit.  Our big project for day one was to start scraping the old paint off of the walls and what a task that is!

 An update for the projects we worked on last year:
-the wasp nest is gone
-there is an entire new building being built currently for more indoor classrooms
-the bog is filled and the outdoor classrooms all moved to that spot.
-the “Candy-lady” is now selling some healthy food too on her new “bog” premises.
-the bathrooms Youthlinc built are working well and are the ones the team is using this year instead of going across the street.
-the garden had some problems during flooding season but has been replanted and is growing.
-the fence is complete with a gate that says donated by Youthlinc on it.
-the mirco program is doing well and one man has had at least 3 successful litters of piglets.
-most of the water filters are working great and the families have been commenting that they have noticed a major decrease in illnesses.
-the children are as cute as ever!

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