I am sitting here in the Tai Pae airport waiting to board our FINAL flight to Phuket Thailand after a ridiculously long day… actually days. After 2 flights, one which was a 14 hour pretty miserable and hysterical flight, we made it to our cute tour guide James (as he called himself, Bond). He took us on a TWELVE hour tour all around Taiwan. It was great, and I have not laughed as hard as we all did today in a very long time. We saw a lot of great things and met a lot of great people. Now, we are exhausted and have one more 4 and a half hour flight to our final destination. We trekked high and low for a Burger King here in the airport, but to no avail. We ate some crazy food today and all we wanted was something American, and succumbed to buying a ten dollar burger that tasted like meat loaf.

Hahaha, how I love traveling more than anything. More later!

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