Thailand June Update by Camille Hoerner


Hey everyone this is Camille! I am a student on the Thailand June team! After 5 days in Thailand we are now blogging! We arrived in Phuket on Wednesday morning. The moment we got here we were all very anxious to meet the kids of the school we are working at. I was scared of how they would react to all these strange people coming in at once, but right when I saw them all that worry was gone! They welcomed us in with warm smiles and adorable laughter! We were all tired but the kids were ready to play, and we couldn’t deny ourselves the opportunity so we jumped right it and played with them. There was soccer, tag, and jump rope going on. It was a playground filled with all sorts of fun and games. We immediately fell in love.

At the opening ceremony the little Burmese boys and girls showed us traditional dances, and one dance the head of the school choreographed it was of all the boys and it was just the funniest thing. That dance has been taught to his students throughout the years. We taught them the YMCA and other dances like that. After the first day we got straight to work. We have started construction on an unfinished wall that surrounds their school, English camp lessons have started, soap making and sewing, and even more playing. We are so extremely lucky to be surrounded by a beautiful country and even more beautiful and warm hearted people. As our first week in Thailand came to an end we wish we had more time but we are now grateful for everyday here and all the little adventures that come along.