Nepal July Update by Ryan Vitale


Since we filled you in last there have been many new great experiences! We have gotten to experience the rain, and how the villagers react to the weather. This is great for them and helps all the rice paddies grow. We realize that this is one of their main sources for food, and making money so we are all happy to accommodate the harsh weather conditions. We have been doing a lot of teaching to the students, and it is very inspiring to see them want to learn so much. The children here are so cute, and know how to touch your heart. Everyone here is so willing to help, and insist that they do so. They have helped us a lot with construction and have even taught us a few things. Today a few of us got to go on a house visit and see how the villagers live. I got to go see one of the poorest families in the village. It was a single mother with four children, in a hut smaller than most of our kitchens. They are so welcoming and just try to please us. Mike helped her with some medical advice and gave her some antibiotics for her condition. The children love seeing all of us and it is something we should strive to be like more in America. We later were able to walk around the rice paddies with one of our translators. She showed us her house she lived in prior to the earthquake, and it is now unrecognizable. She is living in a new house, and her family is still safe and very happy. Walking around the rice patties was breath taking. The views were incredible and the hills are so green. We are more than half way through, and no one wants to leave. I know for sure I am coming back! We hope to continue to accomplish what we came to do in our last few days, and everyone is very excited!

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