Blog #2 – Youthlinc Guatemala

On the morning of the first work day, the team woke energized and enthused to serve the Pacoxpon and Las Escobitas communities. Tuesday marked the start of the team’s English, construction, business, health, and vocational projects. Every morning, Youthlinc members have taught the students of both villages a series of English lessons, with topics ranging from emotions and colors to body parts. On Thursday afternoon, the team hosted adult lessons that aimed to improve conversational English-speaking skills among the Pacoxpon community. At Las Escobitas, the children have received English lessons to broaden their English vocabulary and have learned how to use their newly installed computers.

Guat Blog 2a

Throughout the week, Youthlinc members furthered their construction projects by installing cement floors and chapina stoves in the homes of the Pacoxpon community. Both installments will improve the wellbeing of the villagers by replacing dirt floors with cement, a more hygienic alternative, and preventing the inhalation of wood smoke during cooking.

Guat Blog 2b

At the community center, the vocational committee helped teach sewing and hair-cutting skills to men and women of Pacoxpon. The sewing team has spent the week making aprons, while the hair-cutting team has progressed from practicing on mannequins to volunteers, both Youthlinc members and villagers.

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The Youthlinc team spent Saturday at the Health and Business fair, held at both the Community Center and the Pacoxpan school. The health committee taught about nutrition and maturation, while the business committee gave lessons on money management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

After a successful week of service, the Guatemala team remains excited for the adventures ahead. We look forward to forming new relationships with ourselves, each other, and the beautiful people of Guatemala.