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Update from Madagascar!

Update from Madagascar!

“Our third day on our Youthlinc experience was amazing.  We woke up at 7:30 to breakfast and then walked to the village about a mile away, and on the way there everyone we passed was so friendly.  We all say “Manahoana”, which is hello, and everyone smiles so much.  Today in the village we each had different jobs, like teaching English, construction on gardens and a school, home visits, recess, and vocational and business lessons.  The home visits have been a lot of the students’ personal favorites, including mine.  We get to sit in the villagers’ homes and ask them questions through translators, and it’s amazing to have such personal moments with them.  We take a Polaroid picture of each of the families and give it to them at the end along with a hygiene kit.  The food has also been amazing; they feed us so well!  After we say our goodbyes to the kids, we walk back to our village and get some down time.  Then we get to eat dinner in the hotel and have a reflection as a team.  Our team has grown so close already and our hearts are all humbled already!”

– Gracie Lake


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