Invest in a Lifetime Humanitarian &
Become a Legacy Sponsor

When you become a Legacy Sponsor at the minimum level of $1,000, your contribution offsets the international trip cost of a deserving student or mentor. We can choose the worthy individual, or you can. This choice must be made before each Service Year begins.

Your investment often makes the Service Year possible for the person you sponsor, and always instills a lifetime service ethic.

Because we want to encourage investment in the lifetime service ethic of our youth, students who apply, meet acceptance criteria, and are sponsored by parents, Rotary Clubs, any individual or business – at the Silver Sustaining Member level of $1,000 per designee – will be given priority acceptance as team size and composition allows.

Donors can contribute lesser amounts per designee as financial aid awards to worthy students. Youthlinc will retain 10% of the contribution as our administration fee. Students who are partially sponsored may receive admission preference.

If you continue your commitment to provide Legacy Sponsorship at $1,000/year, you accrue Sustaining Member benefits from reduced trip cost to a free trip minus airfare over time.

Click here for an explanation of Sustaining Member donation levels – Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond – and the associated, completely transferable benefits.

  • Sustaining Membership can be achieved through automatic monthly or annual withdrawal from a bank account or credit card.
  • Click the Make Donation Button above, to contribute a Legacy Sponsorship or set up automatic withdrawals.
  • $900 directly offsets the sponsorship designee’s international service trip costs. $100 is the fee for Youthlinc to administer our excellent Service Year curriculum.


Diamond Level Legacy Sponsors have donated $10,000 cumulatively and consecutively and receive a free Service Year trip minus airfare.


After $5,000 in cumulative, consecutive $1,000 Legacy Sponsorship donations, you or your designee receives $1,000 off the cost of an international service trip.


When you achieve Gold Level status ($3,000 cumulative, consecutive Legacy Sponsorship donations), you or your designee receives $500 off the cost of a Service Year international trip.


With your first Legacy Sponsorship donation, you or your designee receives priority acceptance to a Service Year team.



Legacy Sponsors contribute at least $1,000 in our annual giving program to support the international service trips of worthy Youthlinc Service Year students or mentors.
Legacy Sponsors earn completely transferable.

Sustaining Member Rewards such as reduced trip cost.

For more information or any questions, contact our office 801-467-4417

  • $1,000 Legacy Sponsorship donations must occur in consecutive years to accrue rewards. Awardees can only receive one Legacy Sponsorship per year.
  • Legacy Sponsorships - and accrued rewards - can be held for up to two years.
  • Sponsorships not designated after two years will be assigned to a deserving applicant chosen by Youthlinc.
  • Rewards are completely transferable to any Service Year participant, student or mentor.
  • Youthlinc reserves $100 of every $1,000 Legacy Sponsorship to cover the administrative costs of the Service Year. $900 directly offsets the sponsorship recipient’s Service Year costs.
  • Contributions toward project funds, payments for trips, funds contributed by corporate or foundation donors supporting our Benefit or other Youthlinc programs cannot accrue rewards in our Sustaining Member program.

Want to Become a Legacy Sponsor?