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We finally got a chance to go the village! We’ve been teaching the kids English, teaching the women to sew and use different techniques, and building walls to close in what will be used as the cafeteria. Today we had a lesson on the Thai language and learned how to say a couple of new words and phrases. We also went to the market and were able to see and buy the goods that the people were selling as well as get a glimpse into the Thai culture.


June 30, 2018

31 words for a beautiful day.

Fried rice. Pineapple juice. Yum. Rain. Monkeys. Wind. Village. Simple. Serene. Work. Sweat. Sunshine. Kids. Learning. Games. Sweat. Fruit. Rice. Work. Sweat. teaching. wedding. Religion. Festival. Music. Dancing. Cheers. Reflection. Rest.


July 1, 2018

Today at reflection we all went around and said one word to describe the day. We used the words exciting, eventful, adventure, kaleidoscope, rubix cube, zen, unique, scenic, educational and I don’t think the day could be described any better than that. We went to the Trat museum and learned of the history and the people of the province. We explored a mangrove forest and played a version of bowling, saw monkeys, took a boat ride, and planted seeds. We tried new foods such as jellyfish and toured the grounds of a Buddhist temple. We went to a local market and shopped, learned what clothes, food, and other goods the locals buy and sell, and saw a little of how they interact with each other. Today was unforgettable.


July 2nd, 2018

Today we helped build a wall to keep the school clean. Today we played games with kids until we were all drenched in joy. Today we helped a group of amazing women learn to be self-sufficient. Today we heard the stories of those who seem different only to learn we are the same. Today we learned the importance of finding peace in chaos. Today we enjoyed each other’s company, teased, danced, laughed. Today we framed moments in our minds to share with others when we return home. Today we were tired, annoyed, hot, sweaty, and gross, but it only bothered us a little. Today we learned more about service and love, about people and compassion.

Today I fell in love with Thailand all over again.


July 3rd, 2018

There is beauty that surrounds us. Beauty in the children who are filled with pure joy. Beauty in the words spoken. Beauty in the selfless service being given. Beauty in the way we share our knowledge. Beauty in the way we all work together despite differing personalities. Beauty in the way we effortlessly compliment each other. Beauty in the way the jelly fish filled waves crash. Beauty in being in the present.