Hello from Vietnam!

Here are some of the projects that we have been working on:   English camps, house repairs, school repairs, cultural conversations, Mondo Art, road construction, and health and hygiene classes. Flexibility has taken on a completely new meaning on this particular site, if plans weren’t canceled because of weather they were barred by the local government (trust me, our Team Leaders Justin and Britnie have solved more conflicts then the U.N. and cleaned up more disasters then FEMA).   We were prepared to be flexible, and more so, we know that the main goal of our team has been to repair past relationships– between the US and Vietnam.  I think we’ve done a pretty stand up job.

Justin made a very interesting comment.  He said “the last time Americans were in this region, they were fighting in a war.” Even so, we’ve received nothing but embracing hellos, warm smiles, and countless random acts of kindness.  Everything is working out and the projects are close to being completed.  And, of course, the children have found their way into our hearts. Vietnam is truly an amazing country, with a very violent history (especially with the U.S.) and I can safely say that this will be a trip we will never forget.

–Jackson Hall

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