Nepal July Update by  Katie Boonkrataung

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Medical committee had the opportunity to teach yesterday. Our connection with the students grow stronger and stronger everyday, but to be with them in the classroom setting is especially unique. All of our lessons kept the entire school interactive and engaged that it left us feeling accomplished by the end of the day. They are so eager to learn from the entire team.

Our construction projects still require a lot of effort, yet not at all because the students work along our side. They are such great helpers. I admire their caring spirits. From sifting sand to make plaster for the walls, forming assembly lines to move bricks, and going up and down the main road to pick up the layers of candy wrappers buried in the dirt ground, they are always there to keep us going with their bright smiles. They have nothing, but give everything…because they want to make the village a better place. I will truly miss them when we have to say good-bye.

After leaving the village today, we all went to go play soccer with Nabin. We had a fun time and enjoyed it so much. Being able to work and play together with an activity we’re familiar with brought us closer to home. These days keep getting better and better.