The Corporation for National and Community Service released a study that shows service can benefit your health!  The research has established a strong relationship between volunteering, health and social benefits.  Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer.  You can check out the entire report here.

Youthlinc is proud to support service and your health! 

These young women are serving their community, improving their health and working towards the health of others!  Check out their service stories in health care! 

Kelsey Koford 
“I volunteer at Good Shepard Home Care and Hospice Center. I am very excited for the opportunity to volunteer at this site. I have just recently finished the orientation process and will have the opportunity to visit patients in the upcoming weeks.  I have learned a lot about home care and hospice services and what a wonderful service it provides. I am very fortunate to get to volunteer at this site and look forward to the upcoming weeks where I will get to work hands on with patients!

Madison Adams

“I volunteer at Parkway Health Center in Payson, Utah. Whenever I go, I play games with some of the residents there.  My most memorable moment was when I taught a resident there how to play Yahtzee when she had never played before. She ended up beating everyone the next round. I have learned many things from volunteering at this nursing home. One, older people are tricky and will make you believe anything they tell you. And two, you have to enjoy life.  A man there gave me some advice saying that if I don’t do anything fun while i am young, I will not know how to have fun when I am older. That gave me a lot to think about.” 

Tessie Pham

“I volunteer at the George E. Wahlen Department of Medical Affairs Main Hospital. I volunteer in patient transport twice a week for two hours at a time. My job is to take patients where they need to go and to transport lab specimens from each clinic to the laboratory. Whether the patient is on a wheelchair, is bedridden, or just plain lost,  I get them to their destination in a timely and friendly manner. Although the job description sounds simple, the hospital is huge! I’m constantly running up and down five floors moving people and delivering labs. I was already literally sweating my first day there. However, I love the time I spend with the veterans and they have some of the greatest stories to share. 

Claire Cullinane

“Volunteering with Red Cross I am able to learn more about the world today.  I can see how much it has changed and how I can always find a way to help. We do many learning exercises as well as helping at the homeless shelter. This month I will be raising money for Measles vaccinations for many different third world country. The best thing is that I can share my new knowledge with so many people around me.” 


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