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Driven by a desire to be an example of service to her two children, Sarah applies her tremendous energy to create positive change wherever possible. As a first grade teacher for the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind (USDB) she enjoys the opportunity of assisting deaf children with their speech and hearing ability on a daily basis. While finishing up her bachelor’s degree in special education at the University of Utah Sarah heard of YouthLinc and jumped at the opportunity of going to Kenya to work at the Kaaga School for the Deaf in 2007. Also recently Sarah has volunteered at the Holladay Rehabilitation Center, provided respite for parents of children with disabilities in Salt Lake County and prepared preschool-aged deaf children for the oral program at USDB.

As the Team Leader for the 2010 Thailand Program, Sarah is eager for the opportunity of service amongst people that still bear the scars of the 2004 Tsunami. Also, with her husband Matt, she looks forward to the experience of creating life-time humanitarians of the participants, families and friends that are involved in the program, especially by being an example to her own children.


Youthlinc is a Utah-based 501c-3 nonprofit dedicated to creating lifetime humanitarians through local and international service. Learn more about our programs by visiting our website:

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