Well, I am sitting here sick as ever unfortunately! It looks like I, and 3 others on the trip got either a really bad case of food poisoning, or they are leaning towards E-Coli. Next to Swine Flu I don’t think I have ever been as sick as I am now. Last night I think I threw up between 20 and 25 times and was thinking, “why does my body hate me so much?!” It is one thing to be sick, but it is another knowing you are missing that time being with the kids! I hate that I can’t be there…but I feel like tomorrow I may start feeling better…what a bummer!
Well, to recap yesterday before I got sick this is what we did:
1. Got to start doing medical assessments in our awesome new medical room! It was so awesome because now the kids know where to go when they are sick. When we were checking their reflexes it was so funny because they were laughing so hard! I don’t think any of them have ever seen that. It was also great to see because these kids are pretty healthy, and that is what we like to see. We had a couple of things that the nurses were able to fix, like a dog bite, insect bites, and some gums that were killing a little girl. So great that we were able to help and it was probably one of the highlights of the trip.
2. Got to do some more arts and crafts with the kids.
3. Finished up the mural with our hand-prints on it.
4. Worked on finishing up their new bathrooms! They look so good.
5. Got some of the play ground equipment up.
6. Got to see their temple and also the monk over the school prayed for us. This does not happen very often and it was beautiful.
7. Had to say good-bye for the day and I got really emotional. I hate that we are winding down our time at the school and I just have so much love for those kids! I am getting teary right now. This experience is one like no other and I can’t tell you the joy that comes from serving. When you are doing things for others is the time when my heart feels so full that I didn’t know I had that much love in my heart. I am so happy here, and I just don’t ever want to say goodbye. 
Then I got sick….blerk. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to make it for the health fair! I will be devastated if I am not feeling better.
I also just wanted to say how AWESOME our team is. We have so many great people on this trip that I feel we have formed lifetime bonds. It is also going to be sad to have to say goodbye to them as well. We have such great team leaders and I have loved so much having Sarah and Matt over us! What great leaders and I have come to get to know them so well and I love them so much! Thanks everyone for being such a hardworking and loving group of individuals! Also thanks so much to the nurses for taking care of me….couldn’t have made it without them. I love Youthlinc!
Pictures of the day:
The kids came to school in their scouting outfits and it was so darling!
I love this picture of Joshy with this little boy!
Me with Asia! 
She also looks so cute in her outfit.
I love her so much. 
Doing medical assessments.
I was listening to their heart and lungs!
I was happy to hear so many that were healthy,
because from other missions I have been on I haven’t
seen them this healthy.
Especially in Kenya.
Me with the Monk!
I know it looks like we don’t like each other, but they can’t be very close to women.
And they DEFINITELY can’t touch you.
I love this picture.
He loves to give kisses!
Love him.
More later!

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