I didn’t post yesterday on account of the internet was not working, so I apologize. I am going to do my best to catch up on what happened! There is always so much in one day that it is hard to remember 2!
Yesterday (Once again it is simplified, because now it is going on midnight, and also it takes forever to upload anything).
1. Worked on a ton of projects at the school: building our pathway, finishing up the sewage system, and teaching school.
2. Started working on our awesome mural! It is going to be so beautiful!
3. Went to the market for a little while and got some great cooking wear.
4. Played cards and tried to cool off. 
Honestly….I can’t remember much else!! Forgive me, but all I remember is vague….that feels so long ago and my mind is fuzzy this late!
1. Finished up the mural that is beyond gorgeous!
2. Mixed TONS (literally…or almost literally) of cement by hand to finish our pathway to the classrooms. This is a big deal because during monsoon season it is so wet and muddy. This will make SO much difference. We also got to put ours and the kids handprints in! It was so great.
3. Found out today that the playground where we put all of the gravel will soon have actual play-ground equipment in it! The best part: the kids have no idea it is coming! I can’t wait to see their faces.
4. During the morning there was too many people helping with construction, so I took 30 kids in and taught school for 4 1/2 hours. It was awesome, tiring, and I about lost my voice yelling and singing things they can’t understand! But we sure had fun. We did everything from math, to ring around the rosie, to hokey pokey, to down by the banks, to english lessons, to tag, to…everything! I was exhausted and that was almost more tiring than construction work! Loved every second of it. 
5. Realized that we are only at the school til monday and had a little emotional moment. I don’t know how I will ever leave these sweet faces. I will miss hearing, “Selsie, selsie!!” every two seconds, constant  hugs, and overly warm greetings. I just love them so much, it will be devastating to leave.
6. Went to the market! Our tour guide Japan, who is not from Japan took me back on his scooter! It was epic, and I am officially Thai, because that is all they ride! I have never seen so many. And boy did we get a million honks and waves! Look at the stupid American hahaha.
Now I am here ready to fall into bed because I am exhausted in so many great ways. I just can’t tell you how wonderful it is here. I wish I could scoop every last one of everyone here to just feel the things I feel in my heart, see the things I am seeing, and experience the joy that comes from serving those around you. The good news: you can still do it at home!! Find a place to serve in your community and my wish will come true…almost. You just may not see all the things I am seeing 🙂
Pictures of the day (some, copyright our dear Shae on our trip! She takes the most BEAUTIFUL pictures.)
Possibly my favorite picture of all time.
Ming, one of my girls at the school grabbed my hand today.
Shae captured it in the best picture ever.
Our awesome finished pathway!
That’s a lot of work right there. 
My scooter ride in Thailand!
I am way too legit. 
My English lesson!
Cuties at the school.
Our beautiful mural!
Alright I am falling asleep while these load.
More tomorrow!

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