Today has been great! I am exhausted however so this is kind of going to be a short post with just down to the nitty gritty of what we did:
1. Got up at 6 AM to get ready for construction day at the school.
2. Dug (and are still working on) 6 ft holes with tools that are really hard to work with and very old.
3. Sweated our brains out, to the point where I drank 5 bottles of water in 4 hours and never peed once.
4. Helped work on pathways, sewage systems, and a park for the kids.
5. The kids took me down to the Buddhist temple for worship….so today, I respected Buddah. Hmmmm…
6. Played with the kids and learned some Thai! It is so hard not being able to communicate.
7. Went to a monkey park! So funny, and crazy, and even a little scary at times.
8. Saw my first Monsoon rain! We all ran outside and played in it. It was pouring! Beautiful, and warm.
9. Went through our hundreds of supplies that we brought! Awesome!
10 Got my first Thai massage. 2 hours=12 Dollars. It was, definitely different. They contort you, and get all those pressure points you’re praying they won’t get. Not the most relaxing, but I feel good now!
Because photos take so long to update here, I will just post as many as I can before this body withers away. Today was some hard-core manual labor. I have worked some hard days in my life, but between the heat, humidity, and difficulty of the tasks at hand, I am pretty pooped. In a great way….these people are SO incredibly appreciative of everything we are helping with and are some of the most giving I have ever seen. You just can’t know how wonderful it is to be here and to love them on such a different level. Our hearts are so connected and I just love them so dearly. 
More later!!
Photo choices of the day!
1. Awwww, we love each other!
2. Cutie! Love this picture times a million.
I taught her Shaka Brah! Hang loose 🙂
Wish you could hear her laugh….so funny. 
3. Our Monsoon dive! Fun, fun. 
4. After a hard day’s work on construction.

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