Well, all I can say is this trip is turning out to be more than I ever could have expected! I am having THE time of my life and trying to soak it up as much as I can.
Today we went to the school we will be working in and met with the beautiful children we will be working with. So great! I was pretty emotional today, as I always am on these trips. It is such an opportunity to travel the world and to be able to help! I am lucky to be here and to witness the things that I am.
Well, just as a recap, here are a few pictures. The internet is extremely slow here and so I don’t know if I will get to post as many as I thought, but here is one of us getting ready to fly out:
Here is us girls after we landed in Tai Pae. This is our tour guide “James Bond” who seriously was THE funniest man in the world! We love him so much and his talking on the microphone on our tour bus for 12 hours straight….no joke. He knows ALOT about Taiwan….too much.
This is what it looked like in Tai Pae! We were literally in a cloud, pouring rain. We were soaked!! And it felt good.
This was another part of the tour to the ocean! It was beautiful, 
and everyone wanted pictures with the  Americans…hahah.
This is after we landed in Phuket after 2 LONG days of travel.
Miracle number one: every single one of our bags made it.
Crazy I know…that never happens with that many people.
Today was our first day at the school, like I said. 
We enjoyed some entertainment from the kids below, 
and mostly just got to play and have a good time.
It is eight billion, thousand, million degrees hot with 100 percent humidity.
You can’t even imagine the heat here.
You sweat more than I can explain!
In most of these pictures you can just see all the sweat and wetness.
Anyway, I ADORE these kids. 
I feel like our spirits must have known each other before this life.
I always feel like that when I get to serve these children,
you can’t express how much love you feel for them.
Also, on every humanitarian trip I have ever been on, there is always one special
bestest friend that you always meet.
Asia (Az-ee-a) has to be her I think! I adore her.
You always find them right off the bat!
And here is our group at this beautiful school!
And 2 cute other little girls. 
See the sweat!? Bah, so hot.
But so great!
Alright, time for a nap!
More later 🙂

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