After four days of nonstop work (and play), the team was able to take a day off from construction and teaching at the school to explore some of the local beauty of Thailand. Breakfast was later than usual, so everyone was able to get in some much needed extra sleep. At 11:15, the team headed to the school for a delicious lunch which included spaghetti! None of the kids were at school, but we were gracious that the teachers and staff had offered to prepare us a meal on their usual day off.

After eating, we took off to explore a local Buddhist temple nestled in a mountainous cave. The temple was extraordinary with incredible views and religious mystique. The experience was very special; one Monk was even praying at the top!

Once we were done with the temple, we headed off deeper into the jungle to sight-see at 3 of 9 connecting waterfalls. Locals and tourists were swimming in the ponds and some were even cliff jumping.


“Thailand has been so eye-opeing. Its been neat to see and compare how different people live and to think about how well off we are. Its really amazing to see how much we can help by just doing the little things.” -Caroline Coleman.

“I’ve loved working at the school and its amazing to see how much we really can do to make a difference in their lives. I can’t wait to help out more for the rest of the week!” -Lexi Grafe.

                             Kate Rieke plays with a little boy at the Home and Life Orphanage.

Eliza Stratton and Kelly Garcia goof around on the bikes at the school playground. 

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