Construction is in full swing! 

The Thailand Team has made a lot of progress in the past two days on the two main construction focuses; the Chicken Coop and the Fish Pond. With chickens set to arrive on Thursday, lots of focus, determination and sweat have been required to get the jobs done. Mentor and Construction Committee Leader, John Alley, has been doing a great job motivating the students and other mentors alike on how to have fun yet still get the job done! All of the Thai workers helping at the site have been so helpful and gracious. They have taught everyone something new everyday, including words in Thai!

“Construction is awesome! It is fulfilling to see the progress we get to make in just a few days.” -Jordan Nielson.

Hopefully by Friday everything should be completed and ready for the much anticipated use of the new Fish Pond and Chicken Coop!

Education Connection! 

Lessons have begun! So far, all of the kids (grades: Kindergarten, 1st-3rd and 4th-6th) have been enjoying fun filled activities and have also been working hard on their English. Mentor and Education Committee Leader, Stacey McBride, has been doing a great job getting all of the Youthlinc students in order and organized for each of their lessons. We couldn’t do it without her instruction and hard work!


Today we were all lucky enough to spend Jenessa and Emily’s birthday’s with them. Emily turned 18 while her big sister is now 23! For dinner we celebrated with pizza, cake, soda and karaoke. The entire team danced, but Team Leader, Ruth Adolphson, really showed her amazing moves on the dance floor!

In-Country Thailand Blog by Jillian Queri and Jason Barth 🙂 

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