Last Tuesday was a long work-day for all of Team Thailand. One of the vans (of which there are 4) went down to Wat Bang Sai school and continued work on the fish hatchery/composting facilities. When we got back to the hotel in the evening, we had a pool party which was way fun! 

On Wednesday, we took a boat tour of some nearby islands and beaches! We went snorkeling and visited Phi Phi Island for a little bit of market shopping. We went to 3 beaches and saw monkeys on one of them! The water was so beautiful and the experience was unreal. We all felt so lucky that we had the chance to see such awesome sights on our service trip!
On Thursday, we worked on the mural at the Banthamthonglang school, were fed chicken wings for lunch (some of us were reeeallly excited for American food!), and watched some locals play soccer. It was another hard day of construction and renovation at the schools!
Friday, we worked hard again and also got to play with the kids a lot! A monk came to the Banthamthonglang School to give a prayer with the children. We visited a Buddhist temple that depicted heaven and hell. It was a bit frightening but also a super-cool experience! We also visited a monkey park on Friday, and observed a TON of monkeys out in the open! 
On Saturday, we got to ride elephants! We went river rafting too, which everyone enjoyed 🙂 Back at the school, that afternoon, we held a health fair for the children and families of the Banthamthonglang school. We taught about the importance of brushing teeth, not smoking, and being hygenic. 
On Sunday, we worked all day and then dressed nicely for the Rotary Dinner. It was a great way to connect with humanitarians in another part of the world! 
Today, Monday, we got finished up with most projects at the schools! The kitchen is built and finished, along with all the other projects we had started! What a productive few days! 
Sorry to be late with this blog post; it’s been busy, and the internet was down for a couple nights! All is well here, and we miss you back at home! 

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