Thailand June is wrapping up all of their international projects! Their time in the village is slowly coming to an end. We are so proud of everything they have been able to accomplish!


“DAY 8: Wrapping things up! Today was a whirlwind trying to finish up our projects before the end of the day.

Over in the sewing center, it was fun to see how much the women learned in one short week. They are super smart learners and quickly mastered everything our vocational committee taught. To teach different skills with the machines, we taught them how to make head bands, skirts, pillow case dresses, and pants.


This afternoon the committee taught basic business lessons. The women are very interested in sewing products to sell, so these classes are a good way to get them thinking about all the different elements of selling goods and making a profit.

Finally, we moved all the sewing machines and materials to a new building in the village that will be large enough for all the machines, the new large loom, and even a little store to display their goods.


The construction crew was busy putting the finishing touches on the new stage at the school. We stained the exterior wall boards, painted the plaster walls, and did a little cleanup. The village tile setters are nearly finished, so we’re excited to see it all put together at tomorrow’s closing ceremony.



Lastly, the team did a terrific job decorating the new library. We painted a mural that combined a traditional Thai elephant with the skyline of Salt Lake City. It was entirely conceived and executed by our students. Then they posted a bunch of photos of our team working with the people of the village over the past week.