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July 15, 2017
Hello again from your Thailand Explorers! Today was another exciting day in the land of Thai where mosquitoes bite and the sun shines bright! Once again we went to the school to help with construction and to teach the kids our English lessons. The construction project today was to paint the Kindergarten wall where we will eventually paint a beautiful mural for the kids to see everyday! The original color of the wall was a pale yellow and was in much need of a paint job which our team was happy to provide.
We put on our work clothes, grabbed some paint brushes, and turned up the music! Of all the construction jobs I think this one was is the best. Many boys helped us out and with all the helping hands we were able to get not one, but two coats of paint on the front. There were many arms, legs, shoes, hair, and clothes that got a paint job of their own during this endeavor. Some of our members even had a little paint fight in which both victims suffered paint casualties. Along with painting the wall we also painted some filing cabinets bright blue.
The other construction project for today was the wall at the front of the property, which we have been working on for a couple of days and is coming along great! After lunch the usual English lessons took place and were amazing as ever. The kids are so fun and pick up on English really fast. It is so fun to watch them learn and grow in the language and they are so willing to learn new things! The vocational committee is doing great and they have many teenage girls that are picking up sewing so fast that they will be able be sell their products soon. We have even had a couple women come and are learning how to use a loom, which is being taught by a member of our in-country team. All is well and everyone is doing great! Stay tuned for more adventures!