“This experience has been one of a kind and I wouldn’t trade or change it for the world. Volunteering is amazing and brings so MANY WONDERFUL experiences that I would love to continue in the future.” -Caleb Kuehl
“I loved the construction project we were able to be involved in and it was sooooo much hard work, but it was very fulfilling to see the progress that was made every single day! … Our service was truly ALL HANDS ON!” -Jordan Nielson
“No matter how trivial or insignificant your service may feel, you are ALWAYSmaking a difference when you are giving your time way to someone else!” -Jordan Nielson
“Leaving the kids. There were tears rolling down everyone’s cheeks. It was so rewarding to see how much we affected the children and how much they affected us.” -Alison Gay
“We got specific buddies at the school we worked at and one of mine was amazing and fun and her laugh will forever be in my memory. On our final day at the school she simply said “I love you,” and we both cried. It was almost impossible to go.” -Kira Mercer
“Service knows no bounds, with teamwork much is achievable. Many hands do make light work. You provide the service but are the one that gets the REWARD in the end.” -Caleb Kuehl

“The best moment of our trip was doing the home visits with one of the students at the school. It was very eye opening and really gave perspective on the importance of our service.”  -Alison Gay
“Anyone and everyone can make a difference. Anyone who cares and is willing to give some time can be a miracle in someone’s life whether that is in Salt Lake or Thailand.” -Jessica Oglesby

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